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YouTube allows channel owners to set their own custom URL. The primary reason why a custom URL is so valuable is because they let YouTubers link their channel easily.

People can simply type name) instead of having to enter a lengthy array of random alphabets and numerals. In other words, custom URLs promote accessibility.

That said, there has been a string of complaints with regards to this particular feature across the Google forums and Twitter. Some of them have been given below.


My YouTube channel Has Already Completed These Things For Custom URL Eligibility. But Still I am Unable To Make My YouTube channel Custom URL. Please Help

Hi, my channel has exceeded 100 subscribers(now 200 subscribe) I have a profile image and a brand image uploaded but I cannot set a custom link yet. Why? what should I do? Thanks( It’s been more than a week now)

As clear from the above, users say that they are unable to find the option to set a custom URL even after meeting all the eligible criteria. However, if you aren’t too sure about that, then we have given all the conditions below.

1. Have 100 or more subscribers
2. Be at least 30 days old
3. Have an uploaded profile picture
4. Have uploaded a banner image

That said, most of the readers must already be acquainted with and already passed these requirements and hence the complaints.

Anyway, it is worth mentioning here that YouTube has recently made some changes to the URL scheme. Previously, URLs were based on usernames on a first-come-first-serve basis.


This was, however, altered due to a major disadvantage – once a username was taken, it could never be used again, even if the original channel got inactive or deleted. This led to huge inconvenience.

Hence, YouTube came up with a new way that let users set custom URLs based on display name, YouTube username, current vanity URLs, or linked website name.

Now, YouTubers may think that satisfying the eligibility criteria given above is the sole requirement. However, according to a recent comment left by a Product Expert, things just aren’t that simple.


As clear from above, the timing for the availability of custom URLs is completely up to YouTube and there’s nothing that can be done to speed up the process.

Moreover, it is also highly likely that the pandemic is behind the delays in processing times. Hence, it is advisable to wait for up to a couple of weeks after you’ve fulfilled the eligibility criteria.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that can be done to ensure that everything is proper from your end.


As mentioned by the above user, be sure to not include any special characters in your channel name as it may hamper the custom URL eligibility.

Hopefully, all this addressed the issue for you for now.

With that being said, be sure to check out our dedicated YouTube bugs/issues tracker for further coverage on such issues.

Update (March 18)

Team YouTube has come out to acknowledge the custom URL issue and confirmed that a fix is in the works.


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