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Users of the OnePlus 8 series of devices are among the few lucky ones that already have an official build of Android 11 on their devices.

This new version of OxygenOS is a drastic departure from previous versions in look and feel and we’ve talked about this here.


Unfortunately, OxygenOS 11 has not been without its fair share of bugs and issues. We have a dedicated OxygenOS 11 bug tracker here.

OnePlus already offers users who feel that OxygenOS 11 is a little too buggy for them, a way to downgrade their units to Android 10-based OxygenOS 10, although they will lose all their data in the process.

Only yesterday, we highlighted an issue where users of the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro and even the newer OnePlus 8T were facing issues with the Snapchat app after an update to OxygenOS 11.

Today, we’re gonna look at yet another issue afflicting users of the OnePlus 8 series of devices following the update to OxygenOS 11.

oneplus 8
OnePlus 8

A large section of OnePlus 8 users are reporting massive battery drain after updating their devices to OxygenOS 11.

These massive battery drains occur with the device idling which is bizarre as unused devices should go into doze mode, thereby saving battery.

During the night my OP 8 passed from 90% to 80% without using the device.

oneplus 8 battery drain issue forum

Any users ghat updated to a11 on the 8 non pro experience battery drain? I lose 4-5% per hour with the phone just idling. I updated approx 2 weeks ago via official ota, and thought thst it would take a while for the os to adjust thr new battery. But it still drains a lot. Any settings thst I should look in particular that could potentially drain the battery? My phone is 6 months old only, and i was getting great battery life on a10.

oneplus 8 reddit battery drain issues oxygenos 11

A quick scroll through the forums and you’re bound to come across countless more reports (1,2,3,4,5,6) of OnePlus 8 users who have to deal with poor battery life after the Android 11 update.

Users who are on the Android 11 Open Beta 3 on their OnePlus 8 devices haven’t been spared either as they too are facing the same issue.

I am getting a quite noticeable worse battery life on my OnePlus 8 because of the 3rd Open beta of Android 11. From +8h SOT to about 5h/6h of SOT. That’s quite disappointing. The screen on time was consistently great on the Open Beta 2, about 8 hours of SOT as said earlier. Am I alone to occur this downgrade ?

poor battery life on android 11 open beta 3

We have recently seen the newer sibling to these devices, the OnePlus 8T get an update to OxygenOS and this build also seeks to address battery life issues.

Could this be an OxygenOS 11 bug that’s common to all devices that have bagged this Android 11 custom skin from OnePlus? We cannot say that for sure.

We shall continue to follow this story and update as and when this issue is addressed. You might want to keep an eye on our OnePlus Android 11 bug tracker to know when this gets fixed.

Update 1 (November 27)

10:55 am (IST): OnePlus has begun seeding a new update for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in India and Europe. This new update comes as OxgyenOS and brings a host of fixes for various bugs and issues as well as optimizations for power consumption.


Update 2 (February 5, 2021)

10:04 am (IST): There has been a spike in reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) of battery drain from users of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro following the recent update to OxygenOS

Interestingly, there are also a number of users running the same firmware (1,2,3,4) that are not facing any such issues.

NOTE: We have these and many more OnePlus stories in our dedicated OnePlus section.

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