It’s not everyday one gets to see an entirely new social media platform blossom out of nowhere. Hence, when it does, there’s plenty of hype generated. And that’s exactly what has been going on with Hive.

So what is Hive? Well apparently, it is the newest and trendiest social media platform that one can lay hands on right now. The app appears to be similar to Instagram in almost every way, minus the fact that it allows users to ‘tweet’ as well – just like on Twitter.

List of features on Hive Social

It also offers a better scrolling experience thanks to the absence of annoying ads, has a beautiful aesthetic design, and even lets you select songs of your choice for your Hive profile.

Moreover, the entire package seems to be targeted at the Gen-Z audience. And the fact that their official Twitter handle is full of quirky yet wholesome tweets only testifies to this.


As apparent from above, the app certainly seems to be doing quite well. 130,000 fresh users overnight is no joke. But it will be interesting to see how the app handles such a sudden heavy influx of traffic.

We previously saw a huge surge in new registrations on the Signal app in a similar manner following WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy changes. And the poor thing had given in to the burden, at least for a while.

Hopefully, Hive will fare better.

Anyway, the Hive Social app is only available on iOS for now, and given the massive hype around it, Android users felt like they were missing out on the party.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the app will be made available on Android pretty soon. This is apparent from a bunch of official tweets in response to excited users inquiring about the same.


While ‘this year’ definitely isn’t the most precise date one can give out, Hive Social should be made available on Android in just a couple of months from now, given the fact that it’s out on iOS already. But one can’t really be too sure.

That said, it will be interesting to see how Hive puts up against existing behemoth platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The market is pretty saturated already, and unless one doesn’t bring anything extraordinarily unique to the table, they tend to get eliminated. After all, it’s a pretty competitive world out there.

It is undeniable that Hive has seen some really positive reviews though

And we have had plenty of such examples in the past. Google+ had kickstarted with a lot of hype and thousands of registrations. However, the platform never really performed too well. And with a diminishing userbase, Google in the end decided to pull the plug for good.

Again, hopefully, Hive will fare better.

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