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The Pixel 5 was released a month back and it symbolizes Google’s departure from the top-tier flagship phone segment. To achieve that, Google did some cost-cutting like using a mid-range SoC and aluminum back.

While the likes of wireless charging and IP68 rating kept their place, users have recently taken to Reddit and official Pixel forums complaining about a new pair of issues.


When watching videos on YouTube or Netflix the volume of the bottom speaker will sound like it’s been turned down a bit this can happen spontaneously. To note I’m not using headphone or connected to any Bluetooth devices. This is the phone maybe a software bug??

Same!! Midway though the video! I thought it was just me. Man, the speaker situation for the P5 really is horrendous

As apparent from the above sources, Google Pixel 5 users are facing a speaker volume fluctuating issue wherein the volume drops randomly when playing audio via speakers.

Also, the issue isn’t restricted to a particular app as users have reported that they have faced it whilst using all kinds of apps like Spotify, YouTube and the like.

At this point, the issue seems to be a software bug as one user has also reported the same from their Google Pixel 4.

My Pixel 4 doing that now. Must be an OS thing

Given the fact that both Google Pixel 4 and 5 are currently running Android 11, it could just be yet another issue pertaining to the already bug-riddled OS.

Pixel users have previously reported issues related to performance, battery and other aspects before that you may read about here.

As for now, Google does not seem to have addressed the issue. Perhaps if enough people reported it, they will take it up. You may report the issue by visiting this already opened thread.

The Google Pixel 5

How to improve Pixel 5 speaker audio quality

It is to be noted, however, that this isn’t the first time the Pixel 5’s speakers have been the center of discussion. Several Redditors have also been complaining that the audio from speakers is tinny and has low clarity.

However, one of them has found an app to improve the speaker quality of the Pixel:


You can download the above-mentioned app called “Flat Equalizer” from Google Play Store by clicking here.

Plenty of users are also reporting their use of another app called “Wavelet” with positive results. It can be downloaded from here.

Can vouch, greatly improves speaker clarity and reduces any tinniness. Let’s hope Google can remove a finger and patch the EQ in the next software update.

It really improves the speaker quality of the Pixel 5 handset And thanks for sharing

Of worth noting is that this app may make a difference on other phones’ audio quality as well, so be sure to recommend it to your friends experiencing related audio issues on other brands.

That being said, let us know in the comments below if you too are facing the fluctuating speaker audio issue on your Google Pixel 5 or have used the above app and seen positive results.

Update 1 (October 27)

It seems Google Pixel 5 owners can’t catch a break from bugs. Some users are reporting that they aren’t able to make NFC payments with the Pixel 5 in stores since an error pops up.

This is often fixed rebooting or re-linking the card to the app. However, some say that even a factory data reset does not help according to a report.

Update 2 (October 29)

Google Pixel 5 users are reporting (1, 2, 3) about a bizarre bug which results in the phone’s display turning on at max brightness after an hour or so when left on the Pixel Stand with the “screen off when dark” option enabled at night.

Update 3 (November 23)

The volume fluctuating problem might not be tied to the Pixel 5 and may likely be an issue with Android 11 according to one user who has reported the same issues on their Pixel 4a and Pixel 2.


Furthermore, it seems that Google is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix for it according to a ‘Platinum Product Expert’ on Google’s support website.


Update 4 (December 07)

Apparently, Google is working on a new feature dubbed “Adaptive Sound” for the Pixel 5 which intelligently adjusts the sound equalizer settings based on the acoustics of your environment as per a report. This may help improve the audio quality of the device.

Update 5 (January 06, 2021)

Google has addressed some of Pixel 5’s speaker issues with the latest January security patch update. The update changelog mentions “Further tuning and improvements for volume level of system sounds”.

This means that certain sounds like screenshot alerts will no longer be as loud and annoying as before. For more info on the update, you can visit this link.

Update 6 (January 14, 2021)

Several users have observed that the speaker volumes have taken a noticeable hit following the January security update. This is especially evident with various system sounds which sound too quiet now.


It is likely that Google sacrificed the speaker volume for an improvement in audio quality in this case.

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