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Original story (published on October 21, 2020) follows:

The OnePlus Nord, just like any other OnePlus device, ships with the extremely popular OxygenOS skin on top of Android. However, it comes with a twist. The Nord ships with apps like Google Phone and Messages that replace their OxygenOS counterparts.

Many users, however, seem extremely unhappy with this move and took to the OnePlus forums to rant about the same:


Yes, OnePlus dialer and messaging app is much better than Google counterparts. It was much more polished and looked classy. Though Google’s app are more feature rich, but I still prefer OnePlus’s apps

People are screaming oneplus that you please listen to us. We have chosen one plus because we heard that one plus always listen to its community and customers.. we highly requesting to give us best experience in nord through your messaging and dialer app..

As it stands, some OnePlus Nord users are not happy with this move. They feel the Google Phone app is not as feature-rich or ‘classy’ as the stock OxygenOS Dialer.

As a result, some of them have taken to the community forums to vent their anger at OnePlus for removing the stock apps, demanding that OnePlus should bring those apps back.

Initially the criticism hovered around the fact that the Google Phone didn’t have a call recording option. But it seems that Google/OnePlus took feedback and added the call recording feature. But, the complaints persist.


As apparent from the above complaint, the call recording feature isn’t working as expected for some users.

Not all users are angry though. Some are supportive when it comes to this move as well.


This phone has been heavily advertised as “Comes with G-suite apps” . OnePlus said very clearly that it’ll come with Google dialer & messages. Idk why this community is so toxic for something so miniscule. Even as a tech savvy person I know it’s not a big deal 🙁

As of now, there does not seem to be a way to install the OxygenOS phone and messaging apps on the Nord. It also seems that OnePlus has deprecated those apps and is moving onto the Google ones.

The recently released OnePlus 8T follows suit and ships with the inclusion of Google Phone and Messages. This shows that the Google Apps are here to stay and are not exclusive to the Nord alone.

It is advisable that users try to get used to Google apps. On the brighter side, they have several smart features that are not present on their OxygenOS counterparts.


Also, the Google Phone app may not be as aesthetically pleasing but comes with the following options that make its usage a very pleasant experience:

1. Integrated Business Search in the search bar
2. Caller ID and spam warnings
3. Emergency support: You can share your own location along with the assistance you require without speaking.

Similarly, the Google Messages app comes with advanced RCS features. Using this, you can send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or data network, see when friends are typing, share high quality images and videos and much more.

Such Google apps make use of several integrated Google services to make such features possible. This would not have been possible on OnePlus apps.

From the above description, it is clear that OnePlus was only trying to provide its users with the best possible set of features, and it would not have been possible without the inclusion of Google apps.


It is also speculated that other OEMs may follow suit to avoid missing out on features like the above-mentioned.

That being said, let us know about your thoughts in the comments below about the inclusion of Google Phone and Messages apps in the Nord and other future OnePlus devices.

Update 1 (October 29)

Many individuals have got their hands on the new OnePlus 8T and have noticed that the device comes with Google’s Dialer and Messages apps. This has left several users disappointed mainly due to the fact that the Google Phone app does not allow automatic call recording.

Users can manually record calls, however, the other party is also notified that the call is being recorded. Of course, this is done to protect people’s privacy. Nonetheless, OnePlus 8T users are demanding OnePlus to bring back the OxygenOS Dialer app and Messaging app.

Update 2 (November 04)

OnePlus Nord users who prefer the OxygenOS Messages and Contacts applications are in for a treat since it is now possible to install these apps on the device and use them as usual instead of the Google counterparts. More details here.

Update 3 (November 09)

It turns out, not all OnePlus users want the company to replace the Google Messages and Google Dialer application on their phones. One individual has even highlighted all the benefits of Google’s apps over their OnePlus counterparts.

For starters, the Google Dialer app has spam block, filter calls, voicemail integration, and other features that aren’t present on the OnePlus Messages app.

As for the Google Messages app, it supports Chat features, Messaging Bubbles, and even lets you read or respond to messages via your PC.

Apparently, many individuals who want OnePlus to bring back the OxygenOS counterparts for these apps do not yet know of these handy features offered by Google Messages and Google Dialer.

Update 4 (November 26)

Finally, OnePlus 8T users can also get their hands on the OnePlus Messages application. Prior to this, sideloading the APK would not work on the OnePlus 8T. That does not seem to be the case now. Head here for more details and the download link.

Update 5 (January 4)

A screenshot of an alleged conversation between a OnePlus user and a company representative hints at a possibility of users with OnePlus 8T and OnePlus Nord getting OnePlus dialer and Messaging app in a future update. More on that here.

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