[Update: Possible lawsuit] Motorola Edge+ display issues (black/white screen, green tint & purple spots) come to light, fix in the works

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Original story (published on June 10, 2020) follows:

Motorola stayed off the flagship smartphone for three or so years, with the last serious contender arriving in 2017 – the Moto Z2 Force. This year, the company made a comeback with the Motorola Edge+.

By all standards, this is one of the most premium handsets the company has made in recent years. Flaunting an extreme screen curve that makes it stand out from the rest, still, the Moto Edge+ isn’t perfect.

As noted, the massive 6.7-inch 1080p OLED, 90Hz refresh display screen is what makes the Motorola Edge+ stand out at first sight. But coming from those who have had the device for several weeks, the screen may turn out to be an early dealbreaker.

Howdy! So I got the Edge Plus roughly 5 days ago from the time of this post and I just noticed that on the waterfall edges of the screen, there are a few noticable dark spots that look like darkened pixels in the OLED display. I have no damage to this phone, no drops or anything yet. What happened? Can I get rid of this on my own? I’m kinda pissed that this new device already has an issue like this.

My very new Edge Plus has just started having these purple spots creep onto the screen if it’s on for a long period of time like if I’m watching a video or playing a game. The attached pictures are at different brightness levels. They eventually go away after the screen is off for a bit, but then they come back once it’s been on for a while. Any ideas? Has this been reported before?

Recently, I purchased the Motorola edge plus. I encountered a problem which started on Friday (29-May-2020) in which the display froze. The way I have my phone set up I have a live wallpaper for the lock and home screen and I sign into my phone with a PIN. On Friday, I hit the finger print sensor which displays the lock screen to enter my PIN, but this time the display went black. There was only a thin strip on white light showing at the bottom of the display. I ended up doing a soft re-boot to get the operational again. I changed the live wallpaper thinking that may be the cause. Today, when I attempted to access this forum to report this incident the display just froze. I ended up doing another soft re-boot again to get the phone operational. In setting up the user forum account, I had to access and open several apps. I’ve been a user of Motorola products for several years. I’ve never known for the phone’s display to just suddenly freeze like that. Can you determine my issue? Is there a fix?

Apparently, the device is starting to experience display issues where the panel displays a black screen, white screen, purple spots, and sometimes the entire screen goes green.

Below are some of the photos shared by affected Motorola Edge+ owners on various platforms.

The Moto support guys have been actively getting back to affected device owners in the Lenovo forums and have indeed confirmed the company is working on a software update to address some of the Motorola Edge+ display issues.


At this point, no one knows when this bug-fixing firmware will be ready for the Moto Edge+. However, what seems clear is that the green tint issues may not be addressed in this update.

When asked about it, the moderator says “we are not sure” but things should be clear once the upcoming software update rolls out.


Are you experiencing these or related Motorola Edge+ display issues? Let us know in your comments below.

Update 1 (July 11)

Apparently, Motorola has several plans being lined up to address the display issues on the Motorola Edge+, which are still present even on replacement units. Here is what a forum moderator who has been actively following up on the matter had to say in a series of posts:

Don’t blame you a bit. We’re continuing to look at options and we have some solid plans. If you can hold on a couple of days I may have a better option, but we will replace yours this minute if you want. The replacements with the new software do work in many cases, but you have certainly had a string of bad luck.

The moderator says Motorola is looking at short and long-term solutions and once the matter is clear, details will be shared:

I really can’t provide a solid timeline. We’re working both short- and longer-term solutions. As I said, we are ready to replace it whenever necessary but that is our only option today. Ultimately, you will have to make the call on waiting or not.

So, as it stands, the only way around this issue is to grab a replacement unit and hope that the latest software updates do some justice to the display issues. We will continue keeping you updated on the matter as and when we have new developments.

Update 2 (November 21)

Months later, some users are still complaining about display issues on the Motorola Edge+. The issues range all the way from screen burn-in and purple spots as we reported earlier.

A recent comment from an administrator on the Lenovo forums suggests that most display issues are indeed hardware-related, however, Motorola has made “significant improvements” to the phone’s hardware and thus newer units should not be affected as much.

we’ve made significant improvements that have reduced the incidence significantly.


Update 3 (December 18)

A US-based law firm — Migliaccio & Rathod LLP — is currently investigating Motorola for the green tint/screen bleeding issues on the Motorola Edge+ which has been troubling users even after multiple device replacements.

The firm is seeking affected users to fill up a questionnaire in order to file a class-action lawsuit against Motorola Inc. We’ll post an update once new details emerge on the matter.

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