[Not working again] Spotify ‘no internet connection available’ issue bugging Android and iOS users

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Original story (from 2019) follows:

Before music streaming went popular, most of the people had relied on MP3 downloading websites. They kept on downloading pirated content without even realising it. Fast forward to today, you can legally stream music for free.

Only when you want to experience ad-free playback wi th added benefits will you have to go for paid subscriptions. To recall, the history of music streaming began with Internet Underground Music Archive aka IUMA in January 1993.

IUMA website screenshot (Source)

Then came Napster, SoundCloud, and Spotify with enhanced vision and features. Of these, the third one became synonymous with music streaming within years of its release. Available in 79 countries around the globe, it offers unlimited free streaming with limited features.

But, when you become a paid customer, you get more functionalities. Or at least, that’s what you expect! However, many unfortunate users can’t even establish an active connection to the internet on Spotify’s Android and iOS applications.

According to a Redditer, the app says ‘no internet connection available’ on Samsung Galaxy S9+ even when the network indicator is full with mobile data turned on. And, whitelisting Spotify on the battery saver didn’t reverse the scenario.

spotify no internet connection available bug

Going through the comments under the post, we got to know the issue isn’t exclusive to Android. There are many concerned iOS users, suffering from the same problem. In addition, routing to Twitter got us even more complaints.

spotify no internet available twitter

Sick of not being able to play music on my phone because Spotify constantly says ‘no internet connection’, even though I can get onto everything else (Facebook etc) fine! Time to cancel my subscription i think, I’m not getting anything for it!

We have even seen a few 1-star reviews on Google Play. And, the users are so frustrated with this error that they want to switch to a better streaming service. Hopefully, Spotify will pay heed to the customers’ outcries and fix the bug soon.

spotify no internet connection available google play

Keeps going out. Won’t play songs. Says no internet connection. I have full signal. I’ll rate again with a better review when the issue is fixed. Till then, pandora is looking nice from where I’m sitting.

Note:- Don’t forget to stay tuned to this story to know when the fix goes live.

Update 1 (August 19, 2020)

We’re seeing reports that this issue has resurfaced again. We’re monitoring the situation, and will update the story as and when we have more info on the matter.

Update 2 (November, 2020)

It appears that Spotify is down globally as multiple reports have started flooding platforms such as Twitter. Spotify is yet to make any public comment on the issue. We’ve shared a screenshot from a user below as well as a few reports.


spotify is down? how else am i supposed to imagine singing love songs to my comfort characters >:c (Source)

Annnddd spotify just went down… LMAO (Source)

Is spotify down? Miley broke it (Source)

No Spotify can’t be down I just want to listen too my playlists and block everything out (Source)

Update 3 (December 16, 2020)

Many users are storming Twitter to report that Spotify is down again. Downdetector also indicates a sudden spike of reports suggesting that the music streaming service is down at the moment. Spotify has not yet made a public announcement.



…is Spotify down…???! (Source)

Is spotify down just for me? (Source)

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