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Apple’s decision to transition away from Intel chips to its in-house chipsets for Macs is probably the best decision the company has made recently considering the massive wave of positive reviews of the new M1-powered MacBooks and the Mac Mini.

Further, the company now also allows Apple silicon-powered Macs to run iOS apps on macOS Big Sur without clunky emulation thus taking the iOS and macOS integration to the next level.


That being said, the latest macOS Big Sur update brings its fair share of bugs and issues that will hopefully be fixed via upcoming software updates.

We’ve reported on a number of bugs and issues such as the one which prevents Apple Watch users from unlocking their Macs, Google Drive backup and sync issues, and more.

Now we’re seeing some M1-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users, whose computers come with macOS Big Sur installed, claiming that they are being interrupted by the screensaver randomly.

Here are some reports from affected users:


The screensaver launches whatever i am doing something or not, it’s very beautiful to watch but annoying when it pop up about 20 min everytime. I disabled it and the issue is still here. (Source)

I’ve hit this issue a few times with my M1 MBA on the latest Big Sur where randomly the screensaver will turn on. Then, tapping the touch ID will just toggle between the screensaver and the login screen, but the touch ID will ever unlock the computer. (Source)

Same issue here M1 MacBook Air, first day of using – no additional apps and screensaver came on while working. Have logged case with Apple. (Source)

Traditionally, the screensaver is only supposed to appear after a set period of inactivity on the computer, however, as you can tell from these reports, this does not seem to be the case for those who have the latest MacBook computers with the M1 chip.

Users claim that the screensaver pops up regardless of whether the computer is being used or not. Of course, experiencing the same thing multiple times a day can get annoying.


Further, the screensaver does not move away even after moving the cursor. And as mentioned by one user in the reports we’ve shared above, tapping on Touch ID simply takes users back to the login screen, but does not unlock the computer.

Adding fuel to the fire, it seems that even when the screensaver option is disabled, users are still troubled with the problem as highlighted by a comment from one user:

Same issue here on my M1 MacBook Pro. It happens randomly even after disabling the screensaver. (Source)

Interestingly, one iMac 2017 model user who installed the Big Sur update has also claimed that they are experiencing a similar issue. This suggests that it’s possible that the problem may be affecting other macOS Big Sur users.

Similar issue on my 2017 iMac. It was if the return key or mouse clicks were not working anywhere . Fearing a hardware input problem I switched back to Catalina and the problem went way. (Source)

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet addressed the problem. However, as the reports continue to pile up, we expect the company would start working on a fix if it hasn’t yet already.

According to one user, Apple Care is allegedly unaware of the issue and the company recommends reinstalling the OS.


So until the Cupertino tech giant rolls out a permanent fix for the problem, users will have to make do with a quick temporary solution which involves closing and opening the lid on their MacBooks.

Lid close, lid open looks like the only remedy. (Source)

This seems to do the trick for most M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users. So it seems this will have to become a temporary routine for those who are experiencing the problem.

Of course, we will continue to track the situation and will post an update once any new details surface regarding the screensaver issue on MacBooks powered by the M1 chip.

In the meantime, check out our dedicated tracker to know more about the status of bugs and issues affecting macOS Big Sur users.

Update 1 (April 28)

06:07 pm (IST): Some users who’ve installed the Big Sur 11.3 update on their Macs claim that the screensaver issues has been fixed.

Fixed in the current version of MacOS. (Source)

In the current release (I have 11.2.3 now) you don’t have the screen saver issue anymore. (Source)

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