Up until recently, OnePlus’ custom Android skin, OxygenOS, has gravitated towards a lean, stock-Android look and feel.

This resemblance has been a little more than just skin deep as it often offered the same stock Android experience with a few useful tweaks to further enhance the user experience.


One area where OxygenOS has added a few more options for users is when it comes to battery usage and optimization options for apps.

OnePlus devices are pretty vigilant and vocal about apps that use up too much power in the background, snitching them to users and offering them ways to handle this.

However, there seems to be an issue with this feature as outlined by several OnePlus device owners on social forums such as Reddit.

According to various affected users, they are getting an annoying battery usage alert claiming that certain apps are draining the battery. This issue also manifests itself even for apps that are hardly used, which only goes to add to the mystery.

OnePlus Nord app draining battery.png

The OnePlus background battery usage issue has been reported by users of various devices including the OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus 8 series of devices, and even old devices like the OnePlus 5 and 5T among others so it might not exactly be a new problem.

oneplus draining too much battery

While this alert can be a useful tool, users who don’t want such pesky notifications have the option to disable specific app optimization in the battery settings.

This tells the system to ignore the battery usage for the said app. However, even with this option turned on for the selected app, some affected users say they still get battery usage alerts.

I went into Battery Optimisation (sic) set Facebook to Don’t Optimize but I am still getting a regular message “high power usage reminder” to tell me that it is using 2% of my power. Rightly so as that is the app I use the most. How can I turn this OnePlus background battery usage alert off?

As mentioned, this issue is being reported by various OnePlus devices running various versions of OxygenOS so this might not only be an OxygenOS 11 or OxygenOS 10 issue, it looks like an OxygenOS issue in general.

Owing to old reports from as far back as 2017 from old devices like the OnePlus 5, we might as well conclude that OxygenOS is a little too aggressive with battery optimization.

One of the side effects of such an aggressive battery management system is that apps frequently get killed and stopped from running in the background causing users to miss important emails and notifications.

For now, the web is spewed with messages from users trying to find a way to override OxygenOS’ battery management system to get it to ignore said apps.

Is there a way to disable or selectively disable the high power usage reminder. My Facebook app always lead to this warning, and its kind of annoying when I am ok with the power usage of FB.

Here’s to hoping for a quick resolution of this OnePlus background battery usage alert issue for affected OnePlus and OxygenOS users.

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