iPhone users on iOS 14 facing repeated email password requests may try these workarounds to fix the issue

iPhone users are facing an annoying issue after the iOS 14 update, wherein a popup keeps pestering them for their email and password for various email accounts, especially Outlook.

As a result, several frustrated users have taken to the Apple and Microsoft forums, complaining about the same.

iphone keeps asking outlook email password

iPhone keeps asking for hotmail password every few days. This is now driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

I have same issue. I have over 10 email accounts from Hotmail, Gmail and my dedicated company outlook email addresses and every day I get same pop ups. Worked fine on my old iPhone 7+ with ios14, but since moving to iPhone 12 Pro with IOS14.2 I have nothing but issues

As already described above, the iPhone intermittently displays a pop-up that requests the re-entry of an email account’s login details. Complying with the request is useless, as the pop-up returns again after sometime.

Moreover, although most complainants face this issue with their Outlook/Hotmail accounts, there are plenty of users that have stated that they face the same issue on other email accounts as well, like Gmail.

The bug also is not limited to a single iOS device, as users have reportedly faced it on various models like the iPhone 12, 8, and even on iPads.

Agreed!! Absolutely an IOS14 problem. Happens to me every single day. Both; iphone and Ipad. I used to happen on some previous ios but once you put the password it stopped. This one doesn’t seem to be fixed yet. Apple problem i would say.

It also seems that most users are keen on blaming iOS for the issue, which is quite plausible considering that some users have faced the bug on several email accounts.

However, an Outlook angle can’t be ruled out completely.

This is due to the fact that Outlook suffered an outage of sorts recently on November 10, after which users weren’t able to login to their email accounts. However, the issue was fixed within a day.

Could this be linked to the issue? Quite unlikely, but it is something you should know nonetheless.

Anyways, we got a couple of workarounds for you to try that will surely help with the issue, at least until Microsoft or Apple does something about it.

What to do if your iPhone keeps asking for Outlook email & password

1. The very first thing you need to try, if you haven’t already, is to remove the account and add it again. To do the same, you need to first go to Settings, and then open up the mail accounts section.

Next, select the Outlook or Hotmail account and delete it. You will then return to the previous screen wherein you have to choose “New account” and add your details accordingly.

2. If you continue to receive those annoying popups even after doing the above, then you may also try adding your email as an IMAP account.

iphone keeps asking email fix

Now, IMAPs may result in your mails getting delayed, but hey, at least the popup won’t be bothering you anymore.

3. Lastly, you can also try the following:

Add the Microsoft Edge app from the Apple store and then open it and log into your Microsoft account, this will automatically link your iPhone as a device. After trying everything for a few days this solved my Outlook account constantly asking me to re-enter the password and then giving an account error when downloading the emails from the server.

Hopefully the above workarounds will fix the annoying popup that keeps asking for your Outlook email and password on your iPhone. Be sure to drop a comment below if they did the job for you.

For more coverage on issues like these, be sure to check out our dedicated iOS 14 bugs/issues tracker.

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