OnePlus 8T Diagnostic app not showing accurate battery health stats? Here's the likely reason

OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 8T a little over a month ago. Its rather obvious shortfalls from the OnePlus 8 Pro notwithstanding, the device is still a solid package.

Being one of the first few devices that currently run the new OxygenOS 11 from OnePlus, it is expected for there to be a few issues and true, we’ve seen a few bugs from OnePlus 8T users.


We shall continue to keep an eye out for users feedback and for fixes to these issues by OnePlus so you might want to stay tuned for more on that.

That said, today we’re going to look at an issue that’s been bugging users of the OnePlus 8T.

See, this is a fairly new device and users that own them have only had their units for mere weeks. It is, therefore, alarming to see signs of depreciation already.

OnePlus Diagnostic inaccurate battery state

Users of the OnePlus 8T have been noting that the OnePlus Diagnostic app seems to be showing an inaccurate battery health status.

I bought my oneplus 8T yesterday and charge it only once. After installing oneplus diagnosis apps its show my Battery health is only 92%. Is it a problem or something else?

I just bought my phone a week ago, october 21st, and today while reading these forums i discovered that someone stated about 8T out of the box getting 93% battery health reading. Well, in my case, after only 1 week and only 4 chargings my battery health is reading 92%. In my eyes this stuff is not normal, is it? BTW, i got these readings from ONEPLUS Diagnostic app.


Well, luckily, this could be a non-issue as explained by a OnePlus Community Expert.

According to him, the version of OnePlus Diagnostic used is a build from way back in May and this hasn’t been calibrated for the OnePlus 8T battery.

OnePlus Diagnostic from May Community Expert

that version of the diagnostics app is from May, i.e., before the 8T was launched. It likely doesn’t have the config for the 8T and it split battery.

This issue could merely be a case of an app not being updated fast enough and users of the OnePlus 8T need not to worry about this.

So what is the way forward? How do users get the appropriate build of OnePlus Diagnostic for their OnePlus 8T? Well, our educated guess is, they should sit tight and wait for the app to get updated.

However, for the ‘impatient’ type, there might be another way. According to the same community expert;

the latest diagnostics app can only be sent by OnePlus support. None of the 3rd party apps are working properly with the 8T battery.

get OnePlus Battery diagnostic app from support

As mentioned, we will strive to be on top of this so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for these and many more OnePlus stories.

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