Motorola as a brand has been in the telecom industry from as early as the advent of mobile phones.

While the company has since flown into turbulence, it is still resilient and you can bet that there are a few Motorola devices in some people’s pockets even today.

Motorola Android 10 update for Razr phone
Motorola Razr

In the recent past, we’ve seen the company try to reinvent itself around the nostalgia of the RAZR brand with two modern takes on the flip phone folding device concept.

Futuristic devices they are, but they aren’t spared the bugs and issues that come with any smartphone.

Users of the Moto RAZR 5G are a frustrated bunch as their devices seem to not be compatible with Android Auto.

razr 5g android auto

I just switched over from Galaxy Note 9 to Motorola Razr 5G.

Unfortunately, I can’t get AA to work. I uninstalled AA updates and reinstalled again. I also installed AA for phone and uninstalled again. Tried two different USB cables. Nothing works.

I got to the point where my car screen very briefly shows the bottom AA taskbar but then disappears and shows “No phone connected.”


I have the exact same issue with my Razr 5G! The phone says Android Auto is running (and will show this whether connected when locked or unlocked) BUT the car says “unable to connect”. Trying official or unofficial USB cables makes no difference. I have tried different combinations of AA and AAFPS with no positive result. Also turned on/off phone, car, etc. Nothing works.

And the reports just keep on coming. Countless reports have been spewed by affected users across various platforms and Motorola has heard them.

A forum moderator while responding to one of these user complaints goes on to say;

We are working on this, though I can’t give timing about when a software solution might be available. We do have a FAQ on this issue here. I’ve asked to have it updated to be more specific, but the key appears to be cable length. The recommendation is that a 6-inch cable (15cm) is likely to resolve this.


razr 5g android auto issue acknowledged

In his feedback, he goes to ask affected users to check the cable they’re using to connect to their car as the company reckons that a 6-inch (15cm) cable should fix the issue.

While these users go on to try this fix, lets look at another Motorola issue with a more positive spin.

For a while now, users of the Motorola Edge+ (or Edge Plus) have been having an issue on their devices surrounding the device’s mic when using the speaker on apps like Skype, Teams, Zoom, and Whatsapp.

motorola edge+
Motorola Edge+

According to affected users, the Motorola Edge+ (Edge Plus) works fine with these VoIP apps when using headsets but once they’re disconnected to use device speaker, the party on the other end of the call can’t hear the Moto Edge+ user.

I’m having the same issue with my motorola Edge+. Microphone issues, but only, in videochat apps. and I did a test during a video WhatsApp / Duo chat, I plugged wired headphones/mic and the person on the other end was able to hear me no problem. So it’s definitely the phone’s microphone, during a videochat that’s the issue.


Luckily, the issue seems to have been addressed and the fix is waiting deployment in an upcoming update, at least according to a forum administrator.

The news is positive. It looks like there is now a software patch that addresses this. However, I don’t have any information at this time about when that patch could be delivered to phones.

motorola edge + microphone issue fixed

That said, while the issue is still being baked into an update for the Moto Edge+ (Edge Plus), there might be a way to get an early peek.

Joining the soak test could be the only chance of perhaps getting the fix ahead of everyone else. The forum admin shares that;

I also suggest updating your profile with the current phone, carrier, and serial number — that way if there is a soak test I can try to add you to that. Need help updating your profile? See here.

We can only hope that Motorola works in haste to push out these updates that’ll go to improve the quality of life for users of these devices.

NOTE: We have these and many more Motorola stories in our dedicated Motorola section.

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