[Update: Confirmation] Should OnePlus add pure black mode/theme to OxygenOS 11 alongside existing dark grey theme?

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Original story (published on November 17, 2020) follows:

Dark Mode has been with us since the release of Android 9 Pie. Of course, other skinned versions of Android had this feature for longer but Android 9 saw this go mainstream.

Dark Mode has so many benefits, some of which include an easier and more natural user experience in dark places and battery savings for AMOLED panel devices.

dark theme

Today, you would be hard-pressed to find an Android app that does not offer some sort of dark mode. Android 10 added the ability to have an app switch from light to dark mode depending on the device’s system setting.

However, not all dark modes are created equal. Many apps and custom Android skins resort to a dark grey background in the name of dark mode.

This is more in line with what stock Android offers. However, this defeats the purpose of dark mode for users with devices sporting AMOLED and OLED panels.

See, these panels are capable of very deep blacks by turning off individual pixels, thereby resulting in improved battery life.

But OnePlus hasn’t included a true black theme on OxygenOS 11 and users now want that built into this Android 11-based skin.

we actually don't have dark mode on oos 11

Please introduce the pure black theme back. Don’t ruin the OnePlus signature.

Some users are even taunting OnePlus to copy Samsung’s One UI dark mode, presumably alluding to the obvious One UI inspiration behind OxgenOS 11.

Please make it a pure black dark mode this gray dark mode is irritating me ! Please learn new things from One UI!

See, the official Twitter app for Android has two Dark mode options in Dim and Lights out.

The Reddit app also has a Midnight mode for AMOLED panels alongside the standard Night mode.

What these users are asking for is to have OnePlus add another dark mode option, a pure black option along with the current dark grey option in OxygenOS 11.

This should, at least in theory, result in a sharper and more contrasty user experience on top of the added advantage of better battery endurance.

What do you think? Should OnePlus add a pure black mode/theme to OxygenOS 11 alongside the existing dark grey theme? Tell us in the comment section below.

Update 1 (November 20)

03:51 pm (IST): The IDEAS 2.0 program has now come to an end and OnePlus has selected seven features that it will implement in upcoming OxygenOS builds. One such feature that has made the cut is the AMOLED black theme. Head here to know more.

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