OnePlus Nord owners frustrated by poor overall user experience of device, multiple reports suggest

2020 has been an interesting year for OnePlus users. Not only have they been treated to the OnePlus 8T that feels like a downgrade to the OnePlus 8 Pro, but they’ve also been offered the first non-Snapdragon 8xx devices.

OnePlus debuted its OnePlus Nord line of devices this year with the OnePlus Nord being the first installment of the same.

OnePlus Nord

The Oneplus Nord spots the Snapdragon 765G chip with ample RAM and storage to match this. It also comes with an attractive price tag that is reminiscent of the company’s devices from yesteryears.

Unfortunately, the device has not been without its fair share of issues for the little time it has been available in the market.

We’ve already highlighted some of the issues afflicting owners of the OnePlus Nord device. These include issues with the device’s network stability, bluetooth connectivity and a rather annoying one where Google says that the device is offline.

Well, as it turns out, there are many other issues that are dogging users of the OnePlus Nord as evident from feedback on the OnePlus community forum.

Scrolling through the comment section for the latest OnePlus Nord update, OxygenOS 10.5.9, reveals a frustrated userbase.

My friend has been using OnePlus 7 pro and he convinced me by saying that OnePlus is awesome. But OnePlus Nord is probably the worst from the company. Bugs Bugs Bugs !!!!! Nothing else!!

Gaming on the Nord also seems to have taken a hit, mostly due to the aforementioned network issue and as a result, titles such as Freefire aren’t working well.

Some users are still facing the issue with Google apps not being able to access the internet despite having a decent connection.

Dude Google apps don’t work! They can’t fix that you really think they’ll give a damn about the note? Good luck expecting from these guys

google search and maps not working
Google Search and Maps not working on OnePlus Nord

Even Google search or Google maps don’t work. On cellular network, they just crap out nothing works. A restart might rescue sometimes. But in general Google apps don’t work on cellular networks. Also many people complaint that incoming calls are told our of network area, because stupid phone can’t have a stable network reception

Other issues that users are complaining about involve delayed notifications and random crashes when unlocking the device.

Now I got notifications delays, random crashes while unlocking the phone. It’s getting worse and worse. Still Google connectivity issues of course.

influencers and change org

Some users are even contemplating invoking the services of influencers to start a campaign to have OnePlus address some of their pressing issues.

report to xda now

Some affected users even feel that tech publications should be involved in this matter, all in a bid to make OnePlus oblige.

Gaming on the Nord also seems to have taken a hit, mostly due to the aforementioned network issue and as a result, titles such as Freefire aren’t working well.

These are all the hallmarks of a disgruntled userbase. OnePlus really needs to find a way to calm these users as this paints a grim picture of their device.

We shall continue to keep an eye on many of these reported OnePlus Nord issues and update as soon as they get fixed in upcoming OTAs.

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