The Pixel 5 is Google’s latest smartphone offering, but like every other Pixel device, it is already facing a number of annoying issues. The latest one is about one of its new features – 5G support.

Apparently, 5G support is reportedly not working for many device owners. As a result, several users have taken their grievances to the official Pixel Phone forums.


Hi. I’m using the Google Pixel 5 in Switzerland. Unfortunately I’m not able to connect to any 5G network. I tried two network provider (Sunrise, Swisscom) and don’t get any 5G signal while it’s not a problem with a Samsung device. How is that possible? Is there a solution?

I’m currently working in telecom where I have some 5g antennas in my work lab. For fun I wanted to try my new phone there but I couldn’t get any 5g. When I read the logs between the phone and the eNodeB, the phone doesn’t send in the UE CAP INFO that it can do 5g, thus the network doesn’t give you the info to access the 5g network and the phone stays in 4g.
Issues in on google side then.

Multiple users of the device on various U.S. carriers are unable to connect to 5G network. On closer examination, the issue is more widespread, with plenty of other reports surfacing from multiple regions across the globe.

Of course, the argument in some regions could be that the Pixel 5 is not officially sold there, and hence, there is no guarantee for local network support.

However, the fact that the Pixel 5 5G network is not working on some U.S. carriers suggests that the issue has little to do with regions. Rather, it likely has more to do with the device itself.

I went to AT&T this morning and tried a new SIM, then an eSIM and they confirmed everything is correct on their side. Attempted to do a factory reset just now and am having the same issues. Unreal having a brand new phone that can’t even connect to a wireless network. Great work Google!

It is possible, though, that Google may add support for more carriers and 5G bands with OTA updates in the future. However, it is not very consumer-friendly of Google to not add wide 5G network support out of the box to the Pixel.

Just received a confirmation from my network provider that they requested a certification at Google. However, they don’t know how long it takes to get a certification and a OTA update.

The Google Pixel 5

Moreover, a few users from the U.S. have reported that they could not get their Pixels to work with 5G, simply because they came with LTE SIMs. This again is quite odd as the Pixel 5 is a 5G phone and should ship with 5G SIMs by default.

So apparently the pixel 5 shipped with LTE sim cards and not 5g enabled sim cards(really? A phone marketed for 5g literally didn’t come with a 5g sim card? For real Google?) So I’m at Verizon now to get a new sim card. Should be good after.

Hopefully, Google will acknowledge the issue and release an OTA update for this crucial issue.

That being said, if you are interested in further details regarding 5G support on your new Pixel 5 or even Pixel 4a 5G, then check this out on the official Google help center.

Also, be sure to let us know in the comments below if the latest November security update has fixed the Pixel 5 5G not working issue for you.

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