Some Android users rooting for holiday-themed versions of Google Apps icons

Who doesn’t love the holiday season, right? It’s the best time for most to kick-back and relax or go on vacation and spend time with the family.

Of course, “vacation” and “2020” aren’t really words that many would use together considering the current state of the world.


But that does not mean we have to put an end to all holiday traditions. There’s still plenty of stuff one could do to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Matter of fact, a quick Google search would give you hundreds of ideas on what you could do without having to leave your house.

And speaking of Google and the holidays, it seems some Android users are hoping for Google to bring holiday-themed versions of Google Apps icons.


We bumped into a thread on Reddit where an individual has shared an image of a bunch of different holiday-themed icons for several popular applications offered by Google.

And many fellow Redditors have agreed that this is indeed something that they would like seeing being introduced.

In it, there are themed icons for Christmas, Halloween, Hannukah, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July, and even for birthdays.




Needless to say, these aren’t the only popular holidays, however, it does seem like a cool idea especially for those who love customizing their Android smartphones.

After all, one of Android’s biggest selling points is the ton of customizability it has to offer when compared to iOS.

One may point out that there are several third-party icon packs available on the Google Play Store for holidays such as Christmas. But there are no good icon packs for most other holidays.

funtouch os 11 icons
Teased Funtouch OS 11 Icon Pack

Moreover, not everyone would be willing to download and set up a third-party homescreen launcher that supports icon packs. Some OEMs such as OnePlus do allow users to apply third-party icon packs.

But, as we mentioned above, finding a good icon pack can be a daunting task. Therefore, if Google were to offer holiday-themed icons that can be applied automatically, it would be a great feature for many.

Having said that, if Google were to consider creating holiday-themed icons, it would have to create icons for all popular holidays to avoid getting themselves stuck in a controversy.

Furthermore, not everyone would care for the holiday-themed icons on their Android smartphones and thus Google will have to provide users an option to stick to the standard icons.

In fact, an individual on the Reddit post has highlighted some of the flaws that would be part of holiday-themed icons. We’ve added a screenshot of the entire comment below:


As mentioned by the Redditor, some may find the new icons rather confusing. Further, it would be pointless for Google to create holiday-themed icons that would only be used for one day in the year.

To wrap things up, it’s highly unlikely that Google would offer holiday-themed icons for its applications on Android anytime soon given that it just redesigned icons for most of its apps.

Although, if more users get behind the idea then, maybe, just maybe, Google could consider this as an option in the future.

Do let us know your thoughts about having holiday-themed icons for Google apps or all applications for that matter in the comments section below.

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