Samsung occupies around a quarter of the smartphone market in the US, and this is the result of Samsung’s innovation and reliability. However, some T-Mobile Samsung users are facing a new “ keeps stopping” issue.

As a result, there have been plenty of complaints relating to the issue on official T-Mobile forums by the users:

I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on Oct. 6, 2020 just after midnight. I then went to bed and after I woke up, I was getting a message saying “ has stopped”. I dismiss it and it comes back again, every 10 seconds or so. At the top where the notification icons are, it says, “No SIM card – Emergency calls only”. I haven’t installed any other apps after the update, so that’s not the cause. I tried everything suggested in the link below except for factory resetting my phone. I’m trying to avoid that as I have a lot of data that can not be backed up because my phone isn’t rooted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Same issue here. Mine started acting up Friday, then restarted and it got worse… now I have the has stopped among other issues. Phone is less than 5 months old. Went to T-Mobile store, got new SIM… nothing… now I cannot even connect it to my computer to save data so I can try a restart.

The issue seems to be affecting various Samsung devices across different Android versions. And, the culprit appears to be a bad September update.

I think the problem is a bad update. Security patch Sept. 1, 2020 to be specific.

However, a few users have also blamed the October update. All we know is that the issue wasn’t present on the August build, and appears to be faced by 5G enabled phones only.

Another thing to note here is that the “ keeps stopping” issue isn’t something entirely new, and has been reported previously on other devices as well.

Now, clearing app data, rebooting device or re-inserting sim usually fixes the problem, but it hasn’t worked in this case.

Adding a cherry on top, users have also recently started receiving an odd notification.

I have the exact same problem on exactly the same device. “MCM Client requests are processing” notification shows up intermittently. I didn’t perform any manual updates this weekend. The problems started this morning 10/5 and a reset did not resolve it. The phone will have 5G and 4 or 5 bars then will drop to no signal spontaneously. Weird to say the least

The reason behind its appearance is unknown as of now. But, it appears to be related to the Google Carrier Hub app that comes preinstalled on various devices.

Users facing this bug are requested not to waste time on resetting their devices, as the issue persists even after a factory reset.

Same issue on the note 10+ 5G. Issue goes away just after a hard reset only to recur shortly after – even if i don’t instal any more apps. Does not happen in safe mode (yet). Tried all of the samsung tips ( 1- phone cache, clear, restart…. 2- sim toolkit cache, clear, restart… 3- hard reset device) to deal with it – did not work.

Calling is literally the most important feature of a phone, and not being able to do that must feel frustrating. Don’t worry though, for we got a few workarounds up our sleeve.

Workarounds for the Samsung “ keeps stopping” issue

1. Use Google Phone: Google Phone was recently made available on the Play Store to almost all devices. You may switch to that for now, and disable the default phone app, if possible, till the issue gets fixed.

2. One UI beta: It is quite possible that a fix for the issue has been rolled out to the beta builds, but has not made it yet into the stable branch. Updating to the beta might fix the issue.

The Android 11 Beta is also another route you can take. Been on it for a few days now with no issues. Has October patches as well. To check if you are eligible, go to the Samsung Members App and on the banners at the top there is a OneUI 3.0 Beta banner that will register you. Took mine about 4 hours after registering that the update showed up when checking it manually.

3. Revert to August update: As a last resort, you may go back to the August update using Odin. Note that this step is extremely risky and is definitely not recommended. If you still want to proceed, then click here for instructions.

Lastly, some people have reported that a recent update fixed the issue for them. However, others have also reported that the issue still persists.

The best option seems to be waiting for yet another update that would universally fix the problem.

That being said, let us know in the comments below if the above workarounds have fixed the Samsung “ keeps stopping” issue for you.

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