Xiaomi’s MIUI skin for Android is one of the most feature-packed skins that are currently available. The company has introduced several new features and enhancements over the years with each iteration.

The latest version is known as MIUI 12 and is already available on a host of Xiaomi smartphones. One of the latest devices to pick up the skin is the Redmi Note 8 Pro. There are other Xiaomi devices in line to receive the update.

Nonetheless, it seems the company isn’t resting. Xiaomi has already begun beta testing the upcoming MIUI 12.1 skin in China. Further, we now have a first glimpse of the new features via a video uploaded to YouTube.

Note: The language used in the video is Hindi (spoken primarily in India)

In the video uploaded by What’s New, we can see some cool new features that have been added to MIUI 12.1.

MIUI 12.1 major new features

Fingerprint animations

First off, there’s a new set of fingerprint animations for phones with AMOLED displays. At present, there are 4 new fingerprint animations. Users should also be able to download more animations via the store.

Secure keyboard

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The next useful feature is called ‘Secure keyboard’. With the new keyboard option, users can opt to have a randomized number pad to input pins. Therefore, it will be relatively hard for someone to know the exact pin you type in.

Redesigned App Vault


Another excellent privacy feature is the new App vault. It’s currently being beta-tested in China and brings along a revamped user interface. The UI is now even more heavily inspired by iOS. You will find the shortcuts at the top and the order can be customized.

Redesiged Weather app

Next up is redesigned Weather application. Once again, it’s already available on the beta version in China. There are new elements and enhancements over the existing weather application found on MIUI 12.

Camera filters

There are now a few new filters to pick from within the Gallery application in MIUI 12.1. Users also have new watermark options to choose from including site, holiday, and scene while clicking pictures.

Always on Display


The Always-on Display feature now has more customization options that have been added. Users have the option to show or hide the battery, notifications, and steps on the AOD. Of course, users will also be able to customize the clock style and more.

Accessibility settings

Lastly, Xiaomi has added new accessibility sections to segregate the settings in an organized manner with MIUI 12.1. Currently, the accessibility settings page seems crowded. With MIUI 12.1 there are now 4 tabs; General, Vision, Hearing and Physical in which the respective settings can be found.

Apart from the video above, you can also check out this video from Technobuzznet to see the new MIUI 12.1 features. The entire changelog for the update is listed below:

– New support of LHDC V3 Codec.
– Improved control center style with date and time.
– Added text size & font weight, dark mode and split-screen support into Second Space.
– Added blood pressure measurement in Xiaomi Health.
– Updated security patch to July 2020.
– Updated OpenGL & Vulkan GPU driver (SD845: v415.0 to v464.0)
– Improved Super Wallpaper feature (Two new Mars location and improved lock screen time design)
– Delete picture option after sharing via screenshot.
– New lock screen charging animation styles (Mi 10 & Mi Mix Alpha charging style)
– Improved screen rotation animations (Seamless rotation from landscape to portrait)
– Added option to change Quick Ball wake-up areas.
– Redesigned home screen style selection menu.
– New camera & gallery filters
– Added option to switch Gallery’s album layout to list view.
– 3D animations on four of Control Center primary shortcuts
– Updated device security patch to June 2020.
– Improved behaviour of expanding notifications (Swipe down using one finger)
– New video playing quick options (Added mute and playback speed)
– Added option to store all game icons inside GAME TURBO’s Space.

At the moment, it’s unclear when the Global MIUI 12.1 beta testing will kick-start. Therefore, we will have to wait for an announcement from Xiaomi on the matter. Unfortunately, the company isn’t known for providing quick updates.

Several Xiaomi phones are yet to receive the MIUI 12 update. Thus, you can check out our MIUI 12 update tracker to know when it goes live for any device from the company. Stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know more details about the Xiaomi MIUI 12.1 update.

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