In today’s section, the listed Android devices are picking up the latest updates. Here goes the list of the devices getting the June OTA: Huawei P40 Pro/P30 Pro, OPPO Reno (PCAT00), OPPO Reno 3 and Realme X.

On the other hand, the following bunch is picking up the latest firmware updates: Honor 30 Pro/Honor 30 Pro+, Magic Watch2, and Fitbit while May OTA is live for the Mi 9 SE (Russia). A detailed description can be found below.

Realme X

The new update C.12 with June OTA has been released for Realme X which adds a bunch of new features like realme link, Bluetooth headset pop-up function, recording to text function, encrypting notes functions, etc. The complete illustration can be found below in the changelog:


Update log:


● Added realme Link


● Added Bluetooth headset (Air and Neo) pop-up function (this function can only be used with realme headsets, and the headset firmware needs to be updated with the realme Link application before it can be used)

● Fix the problem of returning to the previous layer during Bluetooth search, the interface shows that no Bluetooth device was found

Game space

● Added the function of displaying barrage messages in games

● Fixed the issue that the low probability call did not take effect after the game space blocked the notification

● Fix the problem of abnormal function status after uninstalling the game space


● Added the function of interacting with contacts in the calendar

● Optimize UI layout


● Added recording to text function

Sticky note

● Added the function of encrypting notes

● Added note to-do function

realme laboratory

● Added night super standby, optimize the problem of night standby power down quickly

● Optimize the smooth sliding screen function

Screen recording

● Optimize screen recording function


● Optimized the method of judging floating windows and privileged applications, and fixed the problem that the low probability of clicking QQ login in the game of King Glory does not exit the game mode

● Fixed the issue of not being sensitive when clicking the back button when exiting the children’s space

● Fixed the problem that when the full-screen display dialog box is opened in the dark mode and the bright mode is switched, there is a probability abnormality


● Fix the problem of low probability of stuck audio file when adding information

Software store

● Fix the problem that the software store fails to load data with low probability

The internet

● Fix the problem of low probability of unable to use cloud service under mobile network


● Fix the problem of low probability of battery jump when charging


● Update Android security patch (2020#6/2020#7)

Honor 30 Pro/Honor 30 Pro+

The new update as version is rolling out for Honor 30 Pro/Honor 30 Pro+. The update enhances the stability of the device. Here’s what the changelog reads:

[Chang Lian] Cancel the “Chang” at the bottom of the original “Phone” or “Contacts” application interface “Connect” menu, please use the “Connect” app to initiate the “Connect” [System] to optimize the system stability of some scenarios and make your phone run more stable.

Huawei P40 Pro/P30 Pro

Next up we have Huawei P40 Pro/ P30 Pro fetching the June OTA. Let’s take a thorough look.

Huawei P40 Pro

The June security patch is now available for Huawei P40 Pro which brings camera enhancements along with optimized system power consumption. The version number for this update is and is 593MB in size.

Huawei P40 Pro June OTA

Huawei P30 Pro

Another Huawei device picking up the June OTA is Huawei P30 Pro as version, which is measured at 146MB. This update focuses on increasing the security of the device.

Huawei P30 Pro June OTA

Thanks Vrushant for the TIP!

OPPO Reno (PCATOO) & OPPO Reno 3 Pro

The not-so-latest June patch is now live for OPPO Reno (PCATOO) and OPPO Reno 3 Pro. Let’s take a closer look.


OPPO Reno (PCATOO) is now grabbing the June security update. The update carries fixes to the known issues along with many new features. The update bumps the base software to official version C.11. Find the detailed changelog below:

· Added an integrated Android June 2020 security patch to improve system security

· Added a swipe gesture indicator bar to follow the screen rotation function (Settings>Convenience Assistant>Navigation keys>Swipe gesture>Swipe gesture The indicator bar rotates with the screen)
· Added multi-user mode to support DC dimming to reduce the visual fatigue caused by screen flickering
• Optimized system stability to make your mobile phone run more stable
• Fixed the problem that the Google service framework stopped repeatedly when switching guest modes “Prompt” question
· New multi-user mode, support to create multiple users to meet the needs of different scenarios
· New recording to text, can convert the recording information to text, and support the rapid export
of text · New wireless printing, wireless Connect a printer to print pictures and PDF files conveniently

·Fix the problem
of no sound when camera video shooting in certain scenarios ·Fix the problem of automatic recording of calls in certain scenarios

·Add the function of encrypting the folder with notes, support the notes The private information in the file is stored in the encrypted folder without worrying about the leakage
of private information . The new note to-do function is added. It supports one-click modification of the completion status and setting time reminder. Efficient management of to-do items
. by OPPO accounts, micro-channel applet invite friends to join, shared calendar / schedule dynamic
· added a message APP, adding support for Exchange accounts to facilitate the management of multiple mailboxes

issues · Fixed low probability notes flash back
-album picture repair low probability of failure load
ProblemFixed the problem of Breeno scanning a part of the scene flashing back

·Fixed the issue that the WLAN icon was not displayed in the status bar after closing the WLAN assistant

service support
Mobile phone move

OPPO Reno 3 Pro

The June security patch that improves the security of the device is issued for OPPO Reno 3 Pro. The update secures version no.: CPH2035_11_A.19. The update also brings in built-in Mail application and OPPO Relax application. Here’s the updated log:

Updated Log
· Added the June 2020 Android security patch to enhance system security.

· Built in Mail application. Support various email services and allow user to manage multiple account at the same time.
· Built in OPPO Relax application which helps user breathe better, sleep better, and stay alert and focus.

· Fixed the issue of FM crash in certain system languages.

Magic Watch2

The new firmware update has now been rolled out to Magic Watch2, which arrives as version 21.61MB). The update adds new automatic exercise type recognition function and female physiological display and reminder function.

Magic Watch2 firmware update 1 jpg

Thanks, Nidhin Kh for the TIP!


Fitbit brings version 3.25 for its users. The update comes with bug fixes and enhances the stability in order to improve user experience. Here’s the short and crisp changelog:


We fixed some bugs and made stability improvements.


Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Lastly, the Russian variant of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is picking up the not-so-new May OTA. The update hits the devices as version The May patch is applied with this OTA, which enhances the security of the device.

Updated Android Security Patch to May 2020. Increased system security.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more details.

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