When it comes to one of the most popular anime series from the 90s, Dragon Ball is surely among the top runners. A lot of shows, games & movies have been made on it. In the games department, Bandai Namco holds the upper hand & has released many games based on the Dragon Ball series.

Akira Toriyama created the Dragon Ball title in 1984, and since then many arcs in the series have been released. The ongoing arc in the Dragon Ball manga features a new villain, Moro. Well, anime is yet to be made out of it but its manga is ongoing.

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we saw Goku was in deep trouble in his fight against Moro. But when Moro was ready to take down the Goku, the Saiyan prince arrives on the battlefield. Well, everyone was shocked to see the way Vegeta arrived on the battlefield.

He used the teleportation technique to land on the planet. But the question here arises, will he be able to save everyone from Moro. No doubt, Vegeta’s power levels have increased significantly.

According to earlier Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 leaks on Twitter, Vegeta lands multiple punches on Moro, but it didn’t affect Moro much. Gohan & Piccolo, both realize that attacks from Vegeta are not enough.

After analyzing the situation, Piccolo states that Vegeta is, in fact, much more powerful than before, but that Moro’s power is even greater. The Planet Eater stops Vegeta fists & kicks Vegeta against the next rock.

Moro further realizes that Vegeta could be his next meal, as he was surprised by his ability to gain this much energy. Well, a few new spoilers have surfaced online today & according to it, Vegeta has learned a new technique, which has been termed as Force Separation of the Spirit.

Vegeta uses this technique to drain out the energy absorbed by Moro & it looks somewhat like Spirit Bomb. This attack from Vegeta leaves Moro weak & old with drained out energy. So is it over?

Well, certainly not, as Moro has taken it to further step & has now absorbed 73 and killed Shimorekka. It has now achieved a new form. Well, it will be interesting to see how Goku & the team will take on Moro in his new form?

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