In the last update of PUBG, we saw a lot of improvements for Vikendi. Patch 7.1 saw the addition of trains & Cargo Depot. There were also a few map changes, as Dino Park was replaced by Dino Land.

Snowmobiles & Snowbikes were removed from the Vikendi map. In addition to this, Survivor Pass Cold Front was introduced, which was players ticket to new Season 7 outfits. Mosin-Nagant was added as a new weapon in the last update.

PUBG PC update

Cut to now, a new update is currently available on PUBG test servers for console users. The latest patch is coming with version 7.2 & it has brought a lot of balance changes for the game. There are also a lot of Bug fixes & UI changes.

PUBG Halloween

But one of the most striking features of this update is the addition of Ranked mode for the game. It was one of the most awaited features for the game. With the addition of Ranked mode, PUBG players will be able to test their skills with the opponents of their level & skill set.

PUBG Halloween
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Ranked Mode for the game will be work on skill-based matchmaking & give the opportunity to players to fight against worthy opponents. Another good thing about this Ranked mode is that it does not feature bots.


If you don’t know, how to download the PTS server on your system & play the latest update, let us guide you through. Well, to install the PTS server, you just need to own a copy of PUBG & head to Microsoft Store if you are on the Xbox & Purchased section of your library if you are on PS4.

PUBG Motor Glider

Speaking of the PUBG Ranked mode, it will feature 64 players & will be available in single, duos & Trios mode for players. However, Ranked mode is currently unavailable for Stadia Keyboard & mouse users. If you will look for Survival Title now, well, you won’t find it as it has been replaced by Ranked mode.

PUBG 7.2

Players rank will increase or decrease after each match based on their performance. But there are some additional requirements which you need to fulfill, in order to access the Ranked mode. The list of following rules should be met by all the Squad members.

PUBG 7.2
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Players will also face a penalty if they find a match & load into the pre-game lobby & then choose to abandon the match. Matches of Ranked mode will be played randomly on the following maps : Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok.

PUBG 7.2

The ranked mode will feature its own game settings which include the following: Increased item loot spawns, No Crossbow spawns, Removal of Red Zone, Motor Glider Removed, Adjustments to Blue zone.

PUBG 7.2

With the release of the update 7.2 on live servers, Season 1 of Ranked mode will kick-off. The ranked system will feature six-tiers & players will get rewards at the end of the season. You can get its details down below. For more information, you can head for the official patch form here.

PUBG 7.2
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