Pokemon Go Ditto Disguise list for May 2020

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Pokemon Go players on iOS devices are currently having a hard time as for many of them, the game is constantly crashing. But there is good news, as Niantic has officially recognized the issue & confirmed that they are looking to resolve it.

Apart from this, Terrakion is returning to raids this month. This member of the Swords of Justice group will arrive to the game on May 19, 2020, at 1 pm & will stay live in the game until May 26, 2020, at 1 pm PDT.

Pokemon Go Incense Day

Well, if you are worried about how you will raid under the present circumstances & lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic, well there is good news, as recently, Niantic has introduced the Remote Raiding feature. We have mentioned the steps for getting a Remote Raid Pass at the bottom of the post.

Pokemon Go Incense Day

Cut to now, form changing Pokemon Ditto can be now be found in a few new Pokemon & Leekduck has shared the list for the same. Currently, it can disguise itself as the following list of Pokemon : Weedle, Paras, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Spinarak, Hoppip, Remoraid, Whimsur, Seedot, Skitty, Numel, Bidoof, Foongus.


According to Leekduck, Seedot & Skitty are the next Pokemon which will be removed from the list. Speaking of Seedot, Pokemon Go May Community Day features this Pokemon. You can get more information regarding the Community Day by heading here.

Pokemon Go Crashing

Coming back to Remote Raids, Trainers with Level 5 & above can participate in Remote Raids. By using a Raid Pass, players can join the Raid Battle seen on the nearby screen. Players can get the remote raid pass from the shop. If you don’t know, how to get one, you can follow the steps below.


For a quick refresher, Pokemon Go is one of the best-augmented reality games that are currently available on the market. The game was launched in 2016 & since then it has been running strong. Pokemon Go generated revenue of $1.4 billion for Niantic in 2019.

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