How to move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Due to the rapid evolvement in smartphone technology, we are witnessing OEMs launch new devices quite frequently. And this very reason mostly compels the majority of us to switch over to a new phone in a very short span of time.

Likely because of the ever-evolving smartphone market, migration from iPhone to Android is also very common. And, one of the important tasks that many of you must perform when you are switching over is the transfer of WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android phone.

Let’s face it, WhatsApp is probably one of the most used applications on our smartphones, as it keeps us connected to our friends and families. We use WhatsApp in our day-to-day life for various purposes, be it education, business or simply to communicate with our loved ones. And for this very reason, you would want to transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Android.

If you are also stuck in a similar situation and are looking for ways to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android, then there is one effective solution that can let you transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, and i.e. dr.fone – Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer.

iphone to android whatsapp chat

dr.fone is a very popular range of tools from the brand Wondershare, that offers several Android and iOS/iPhone based toolkits to make your data transfer more easy and simple.

The dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer app does your task of transferring WhatsApp data from iOS to Android pretty simple. But wait! That’s not it. This tools also allow you to perform other functions like:

  • Backup or export iOS/Android WhatsApp messages to PC/desktop.
  • Restore iOS/Android WhatsApp backup to iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Transfer WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android devices.
  • Safely and securely transfer your WhatsApp chats between an iOS and Android phone.

You can transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, for instance, Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, or transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

With such flexibility of this dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer app, you need not look elsewhere for moving your WhatsApp chat history between iOS and Android which comes handy when you are switching over to a new phone and are looking for ways on how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone.

dr.fone whatsapp transfer

Interestingly, it backs up all the chats including attachments as well. You can preview the chats in HTML format for reading and printing and also you can delete the chats directly from the computer if you want to get rid of it.

dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer app supports all Android and iPhone models including the latest ones, and this tool is compatible with all versions of Windows or macOS.

This dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer tool lets you even transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android along with the pictures videos and other attachments without any limitations. It is fast, user-friendly without any cluttering options, and pretty easy to use and solves all your issues on how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone.

With that being said, let us take a look at the easy steps that you need to perform while transferring WhatsApp chats from an iPhone/iOS to an Android device:

Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iOS to Android

  1. Simply install dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer on your Windows or Mac PC/laptop.
    dr.fone whatsapp transfer download
  2. Connect both your iPhone and Android phone to the PC via USB cable..
  3. Open the dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer tool on your PC.
    transfer tab
  4. Click on the WhatsApp Transfer tab.
  5. You will be presented with four options on the screen of the dr.fone tool, out of which you need to select the Transfer WhatsApp messages option.
  6. You need to select the iPhone as the source device and Android phone as the destination device.
    iphone to android
  7. Then once the above is done, tap the Transfer option.
    transfer whatsapp from iphone to android
  8. Now all you have to do is wait for the WhatsApp transfer to complete.
  9. That’s it!

Our readers, however, should note that there are certain limitations with the free trial of the dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer tool. But, you can get the full version of the dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer tool for 1 year at $21.95 that will give support for up to 5 devices and 1 PC.

While you can also purchase a lifetime license for up to 5 devices and 1 PC at a price of $29.95. For those who wish unlimited business license for 1 complete year, can purchase the license for $245.99.

purchase dr.fone

dr.fone does not limit your options of tools just there. It has another wonderful tool, i.e. dr.fone Phone Transfer that allows the 1-click transfer of data between any two phones, easy and simple.

Transferring WhatsApp data is pretty important to us as it contains all the moments that we have shared with our loved ones and we want to keep those chats with us, over to our new phone. And the dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer tool, lets us achieve that pretty easily and simply.

You can transfer data across platforms (iOS or Android), transfer other data on your phone like SMS, call data, photos, music, videos, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, music, alarm records, voicemail, ringtones, wallpaper, and documents, etc. FYI this tool is compatible with the latest version of Android 10 and iOS 13.

dr.fone phone transfer tool

dr.fone is not a new name in the industry and has been there for a long period of time. It has garnered over 2 million+ users and is used in over 195 countries across the world. Users are guaranteed risk-free and safe tools for their needs, skilled and supportive customer care if they come across any issues while using any of the dr.fone products.

Wondershare has many other tools that might come handy in times of need like video editors, DVD creator, dr.fone range of tools that are specifically made to help you simplify the data transfer when you switch over to a new phone and reduce the hassle of using multiple Softwares.

You can also make use of other dr.fone tools that you can use to repair your phone, recover data, change the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad with one click, etc.

All in all, there are several other tools for iOS and Android devices that you might want to check out by visiting the official website. The pricing of the tools is also very well justified. It is a must-have tool kit if you are looking for transferring your important data between iOS or Android OS devices.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Wondershare. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility for the product being advertised here.

About Wondershare: Wondershare is the company behind the popular dr.fone tools that are widely popular across 150+ countries. The company is based in Shenzhen and thrives to become a global platform for all the software solutions, be it smartphones or PCs.
The Software from Wondershare supports more than 10 languages and has over 2 million monthly users. The company, as of now has around 65 products and wishes to expand further.

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