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iOS has a very recognizable look and feel. You know, a bunch of home screens with grids of app icons or folders and a static dock at the bottom that houses the regularly used apps. By default, these are the Phone app, iMessage, Camer, and Safari.

We have seen a lot of jailbreak tweaks that try to get more functionality to the dock, instead of having it as just another grid of icons. Tweaks like Primo aim to bring common tasks like media control to the dock of your iPhone.

Today we look at yet another tweak that seeks to do something more or less similar to what Primo does. Multipla, also aims to bring more function to the dock in the form of widgets.

With Multipla, instead of the 4 apps on the default iOS dock, you get widgets (and the option of more apps) to your dock, all in a power-efficient, stable way. Multipla retains the stock iOS feel, while incorporating widgets featuring important information and controls.

The full feature-list of this jailbreak tweak is as follows:

-Choose widgets for your Dock

-Music widget

-Battery widget

-Weather widget

-Activity widget Choose gesture to invoke widgets

-Swipe Up/Down

-Swipe left/right

-Double tap

-Choose animation for widget switching

-Change animation duration

-Long press to lock your Dock from switching widgets / Long press to jump back to applications dock

-Choose widgets auto refresh rate

-Use iPhone X Dock for non-notched devices

-Hide Dock elements (pages dots, page labels, grabber)

-Dark theme for new Dock elements

-Modify Dock background alpha

-Modify Dock icon limit

-Customize Music widget

-Customize Battery widget

-Customize Weather widget

-Developer API for adding new widgets

Multipla is not a free jailbreak tweak. If you want to get your hands on this tweak, you will need to fork out $1.99 on Chariz. Multipla comes with a Developer API that can be found here. This lets developers add their tweaks to Multipla and make them appear in their Dock.

The developer also adds that this tweak might not work very well with other dock-altering tweaks like Floating Dock. However, work is being done to that effect. Also, this tweak does not work on the iPad with this release. However, that might change in future releases.

Update 1 (May 7)

Multipla has been updated to version 1.1.0. This build adds FloatingDock and iPad support while fixing some issues with the initial release. The following is the changelog for this release.

Version 1.1.0:

-Beta FloatingDock support

-Landscape support

-Fix crash for some users

-Fix scaling issues on iPhone se

-add language localizations for more languages

-experimental iPad support

-Fixed issue where app icons would glitch onto the dock when exiting an app that was in the dock when a widget was showing

-Added Docky support (make sure to set activation gesture NOT to left/right)

-Fixed visual glitch that would occur when swiping widgets at high speeds using left-right animation

-Introduced an option to automatically cycle through widgets instead of performing refreshes (start auto swipe by performing a manual switch gesture, stop by doing a manual gesture again)

-Fixed possible issues with the auto-refresh option failing to update

-Battery widget now instantly updates when the status of a connected device changes

-Charging devices will now show a charging (bolt) indicator in their battery icon when charging (NOT if the percent inside battery icon option is on)

-Tapping the rings on the activity widget opens the activity app

-Music labels now scroll together even if they are different lengths

-Tapping the music artwork will now open whichever app is now playing, if no app is now playing, it will open the app of your choice via settings

-Fixed non-tweak-related crashing of the select widgets page for some users

-Refined existing animations under-the-hood

-Removed the grabber at the request of the designer of the concept

Known issues:

-With FloatingDock, you cannot switch Multipla widgets in-app

NOTE: We have these and many more jailbreak tweaks in our dedicated jailbreak section.

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