Full Feature Review: PDFelement Pro for Windows

Microsoft has a comprehensive range of document management software as part of its Office 365 and MS Office productivity suites. However, one thing that it lacks is a robust PDF editor and workflow utility. Of course, many of Microsoft’s applications are PDF-friendly and compatible with the Portable Document Format, but there is no dedicated application that you can rely on.

Enter PDFelement Pro for Windows, a highly capable PDF software application that can help a wide range of users – from entrepreneurs and small businesses to medium-sized and enterprise-level companies – increase their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy when handling small and large document workflows.

The best part is its pricing because it packs a ton more value than most of its peer products such as Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and Nitro Pro while offering matching features. Let’s look at a few important aspects of the software as we review its key features.

Efficient PDF Creation and Document Conversion


One of the biggest challenges with PDF documents is creating one from a blank page or converting other file types into PDF. A lot of tools are available for this, but PDFelement is one of the few that renders original content into the exact equivalent in another format.

For example, if you take a spreadsheet with tables and graphs and need to generate a PDF file from it, all you need to do is open it in PDFelement Pro. It’s as simple as that. You’ll notice that every aspect of the spreadsheet is faithfully reproduced in PDF.

You can even create professional-looking PDFs from scratch by adding text, images, tables, hyperlinks, backgrounds, page numbering, and so on.


The conversion from PDF to other formats is equally consistent, allowing you to focus on other tasks instead of worrying about alignments, layouts, font attributes, and other details. There are convenient buttons on the home page toolbar that let you choose the most commonly used file types as your output so you won’t have to hunt around for a specific format.

There’s also a dedicated Convert tab that gives you even more control over your PDF conversions.

Comprehensive PDF Editing, Reviewing, and Sharing Tools


A lot of so-called PDF editors can’t actually modify the existing content; they merely suggest that you cover it with a white shape to match the background and then add text or images on top of that.

On the contrary, PDFelement allows you the freedom to change any existing element inside a PDF document, which includes all text and text blocks, images, embedded media, hyperlinks, watermarks, headers, footers, etc.

You can move various blocks around as you like, rotate them, align them differently, and change the whole look and content of your PDF file.

The annotation tools in PDFelement Pro are extensive and offer full freedom to mark up your files with comments, sticky notes, shapes, highlights, underlines, arrows, etc, with options to customize all these elements. Communicate your intentions clearly and concisely with these annotations so other collaborators know exactly what you need.

You can also add a digital signature that is legally valid; that means no more relying on courier services to send documents back and forth and waste valuable time gathering signatures from multiple people.


To top it off, PDFelement contains several sharing features like sending documents via email and to cloud-hosted third-party applications like Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox. For teams working remotely in multiple locations, this is an indispensable tool in the collaboration arsenal.

Secure Platform for Confidential and Private Documents


PDFelement gives users enterprise-level security for file encryption and permission restrictions. Apply passwords to secure your PDFs, and share it with authorized users to form a closed loop. The redaction feature is of note because it is permanent and irreversible, giving you a foolproof way to protect confidential data even when the document is made openly available online.

In addition, the watermark tool lets you mark your documents as Private or Confidential, and offers custom options for adding image watermarks such as logos, etc.

Flexible File and Page Management Features

Organizing PDFs has never been easier. Merge and split documents, extract or insert pages, rotate pages in PDF, control visible page area with page boxes, add labels like page numbers, headers, or footers, duplicate pages, and replace specific pages with external content from other files.


The PDF optimization tool lets you compress PDFs by removing unwanted elements and compress images. You can control the level of compression so your images and text are suitable for different purposes.

For example, web use requires low resolution so the compression level can be set to high; on the other hand, if the purpose is to print out a document or display it on a high-definition screen, then the lower the compression level the clearer the printout or display.

Robust Suite of Form Management Tools


PDFelement boasts one of the most comprehensive suites of form management tools available today.

Creating forms from scratch is a piece of cake; converting non-interactive and non-editable forms into fillable PDF forms takes just a couple of clicks; form field recognition is accurate and reliable; form-filling is a breeze; data extraction is highly functional; all these form-handling features make it simple to manage workflows involving hundreds of forms on a daily basis.

Whether it’s customer bills that need to be digitized or vendor receipts to be filed, PDFelement’s form management capabilities are second to none.

Powerful Advanced Features for Heavy Workloads


The Batch Process feature is extremely useful when dealing with a mountain of digital paperwork. Several tasks such as file encryption, PDF conversion, file merging, watermark additions, component removals, etc. can be done for hundreds of files at a time, saving a tremendous amount of effort and energy over time and making your teams highly productive.


One feature that deserves special mention is the OCR plugin for text recognition. This utility allows users to create fully editable or search-friendly PDFs from scanners, scanned documents, image files, and other formats that contain text but in a non-editable format.

This allows you to go paperless by converting all your physical documents into digital files so they can be indexed, stored, and retrieved in a fraction of the time it would take to fetch a physical file.

Why PDFelement Pro?

Now that we’ve covered all the features and benefits, let’s look at the clincher – the pricing. Premium PDF editors that offer a full range of features typically cost hundreds of dollars for a perpetual license. It’s either that or shelling out hundreds of dollars a month on subscriptions for multiple copies of the software.

By contrast, PDFelement Pro for Windows is available on flexible licensing terms and for low-cost subscription fees so whether you’re a team of one or you represent a company with thousands of employees, there’s a custom plan for all types of users.

Having said that, the real reason it’s such a compelling option for small and large companies alike is that the low cost is not associated with low quality. Every feature either matches or betters its competitors’ products, and the company continually keeps building its collection of tools for PDFelement. In addition, there are numerous online help resources to aid you in your tasks.

Finally, as a utility that supports not just Windows but also macOS, iOS, and Android, it is a truly cross-device application that lets you seamlessly switch from one to another with a near-zero learning curve – from your office Windows computer to your MacBook Pro at home and your iPhone or Android device on the go, PDFelement has all the bases covered.

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