Groups: Upcoming iOS jailbreak tweak to sort messages into categories

Apple’s one-size-fits-all approach on iOS is a little too restricting formany users. The idea that a company knows best, does not sit well with a lot of people who want to customize their iOS experience to make it truly personal.

While Apple frowns upon this, many iOS users have resorted to the jailbreak community in a bid to get a little more customization and personalization out of their devices. These have been occasioned by the relative ease of attaining jailbreak on iOS devices today.

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Checkra1n remains one of the surest ways to attain jailbreak on your iOS device. This is because the tool is regularly updated to support the very latest version of iOS and to fix bugs and issues that may arise.

That said, today we take a look at yet another jailbreak tweak, Groups. It is no secret that the way modern operating systems handle SMS could be better. On Android, you can easily install a third-party SMS app from the Play Store to soup up your experience but on iOS, what you get is what you get.

That is where Groups comes in. This Jailbreak tweak allows users to bundle up a few conversations of iMessage and create a group. These groups could be categorized in various configurations according to a user’s specific needs.


These could be Friends, Family, School, Work, well you get the idea. The point is to help you organize your inbox instead of throwing everything in the app. This also makes it a lot easier to sort these chats.

This simple, yet very useful tweak is yet to be released. When it finally drops, it will cost $1.50. It will also be compatible with iOS 12.0 to 13.4.1. According to the developer, at launch, these are the features that this tweak will have;

-Sort message conversations into 5 groups: Friends, Family, School, Work, and Other

-Support for custom group names is planned for a later update

-Swipe right on a conversation to add it to a group

-Swipe right on a grouped conversation to remove it from a group or add it to another group

-Reset an entire group within Groups’ preferences

It will be available via the Twickd repository.

NOTE: We have these and many more Jailbreak tweaks in our dedicated Jailbreak section.

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