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Animal Crossing New Horizons is currently one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game was released on March 20, 2020, & since then it has garnered millions of players. The game sold 1.88 million copies during its launch in Japan.

The game has received a positive reception worldwide. The popular movie star who portrayed the role of Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson, is also loving this game and took the route of Instagram to express her excitement.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH comes under the Social simulation genre. In the game, players take the role of a customizable character who moves to a deserted island after purchasing a vacation package from Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Cut a now, a new update has been planned for the game. The new patch will come along with version 1.2. The upcoming update is about to bring a range of new content & events to the game & it will drop this Thursday.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The new update will go be available on April 23 at 10 am & it will bring some new visitors to the game. A lot of new events have been announced for the game : Nature Day ( April 23-May 4), May Day (May 1 to May 7), International Museum Day (May 18 -May 31) & June Bride ( June 1 – June 30). You can check its complete details down below, which have been obtained from the Japanese Nintendo website. We will update the complete patch notes, once they will go live.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.2.0 update details

Rage Garden Shop

“Rage” will come to the island plaza for peddling.
At the Rage gardening store, you can buy seedlings of the flower that are not available at the island stores, as well as “shrub” seedlings such as azaleas and hydrangeas .

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Beware of fake things! ? Inari Market

Is there a strange ship on the beach of the island? !! When I go inside …

Furniture and paintings, sculptures and other “art objects” are on sale on the boat .

The furniture is a little expensive, but it seems that you can get furniture of a different color from the ones lined up in shops on the island.
It is doubtful that all of the works of art are genuine.
Please be careful not to get caught in fake things.

It seems that a new art exhibition space will be created by donating real art to the island museum . In addition to Musi, fish and skein, please enjoy the art to the full.

New seasonal events

Earth Day/Nature Day (April 23- May 4)

“Tanuki Mileage +” is now available for a limited time only after Earth Day , which is a day to think about the natural environment ! Activities related to plants can help you earn miles. Let’s use this as an opportunity to improve the natural environment of the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

May Day (May 1st to May 7th)

“Mayday” is the day of workers. On a regular basis, all the people who work for the island will be given “Mayday Ryokoken” by the gratitude of gratitude . The island you can go to with this ticket is a mysterious island that is a little different from the one you can go with the usual “mile ryokoken”. And it seems that somebody else is visiting.

International Museum Day (May 18th-May 31st)

The “Stamp Rally” is held at the museum on the island in honor of “International Museum Day” , which is the anniversary of the museum. Collect stamps while enjoying each exhibition of Musi, fish, and kaseki, and get a commemorative prize.

June Bride (1st June-30th June)

June is the June Bride . There is a legend that you can be happy when you get married in June. The couple of “Lisa” and “Kaizo” also got married in June. I’m in Paniel’s photo studio to take a wedding photo. Help us create a set and take a photo at the studio, and help them create memories.

New Novelty Added for Miles Exchange!

Mamekichi, and Tsukimichi are added to the lineup of prizes that can be redeemed for miles at Tanu Port . Please exchange this as well!

Update 1 (April 23)

Patch notes – April 23 update

Ver. 1.2.0 [2020.4.23]

It has been updated if the version notation at the top right of the software title screen is “Ver. 1.2.0”.

General Updates

The following peddlers are newly visiting.

  • Rage (gardening shop) [Editor’s Note: This is Leif’s Flower Shop]
  • Tsunekichi (Inari Market) [Editor’s Note: This is Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler]
  • Seasonal events have been added.

In addition, we have made adjustments and fixed defects so that you can play the game comfortably

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