Prysm jailbreak tweak latest update (v1.7) adds light appearance mode

Clinton Madegwa Clinton Madegwa Apr 16, 2020 News

Prysm the Jailbreak tweak that changes the default iOS Control center to a sleek one that is inspired by Apple maps card view is getting an update.

The initial release of the tweak boasted of a rather positive uptake by the jailbreak community. Many praised the tweak for just how simple and clean it looked and also offered feedback on what they would have wanted to see next.

dark prysm

Well, it seems as though the developer did listen to the users and today, the developer just pushed out an update to the Jailbreak tweak to incorporate, among other things, a new Light appearance mode.

The new version of Prysm, now version 1.7, also brings a bunch of new enhancements and improvements to the tweak. Of course, the most prominent enhancement is that this update includes a new light appearance mode.

Prysm 1.7

This update of Prysm now integrates with iOS 13 dark mode along with Noctis12 and NoctisXI. This is aimed at providing a seamless transition between light and dark mode. As such, this tweak will now work well with the system’s Dark mode.

Initially, Prysm only had a Dark Mode. This stuck out prominently when a user was using their iOS device in light mode as everything else would be bright and white and the Control Panel would still be dark.

Many users are praising the developer of this tweak, noting that he is doing a stellar job at updating the tweak and adding more useful features to the relatively young Jailbreak tweak.

It is also worth noting that this a paid tweak and as such, is not open-source. However, based on just how refined this tweak feels and how frequently the developer updates and adds new features, it is more than worth the few bucks it costs.

The tweak can be downloaded from the Packix repository using this link.

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