Bored during quarantine? Use this iOS jalibreak tweak and get random fortune by shaking device

We know that Jailbreaking is a way to gain access to iOS’ system directories and modify them to enable features that were previously not possible. We have also seen countless tweaks that take advantage of Jailbreaking to offer users incredible levels of customization.

The jailbreak community being as diverse as it is today, once in a while, we get a tweak that doesn’t quite do much. These tweaks are more for amusement and fun purposes as opposed to the others that seek to offer users a little more functionality out of their iPhones.

checkra1n vulnerability
checkra1n is a way of jailbreaking your iOS

One such tweak is FortuneCookie. FortuneCookie is a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to shake their devices to get fortune cookies. This tweak sends an alert with a random fortune from the cookie whenever you shake your device.

The developer says that there are over 200 different fortunes in the cookies. These cookies are randomized, so you may get the same fortune more than once or you may get several different fortunes. It is all up to chance.

A Fortune Cookie? On your iPhone? Why would you even want to have this in the first place? Well, according to the developer himself, just is simply for kicks and because he thought it would be funny.

This wasn’t meant to be released as a tweak. In fact, this was merely a secondary project to test some features for other upcoming projects, but since I found it so damn funny, I decided to release it to the public, especially due to our current situation with the global pandemic going on. It’s always nice to have something to distract us for a moment and give us some temporary joy. Stay safe.


I must agree with him on this one though. With the ongoing global crisis that is COVID-19, millions of people are finding themselves quarantined at home with way too much time to kill and depressing news all over the internet and the TVs.

Instead of passing your time, watching hours upon hours of depressing news and the analysis of the ongoing scourge, why not put that time in something a little more fun that does not involve you being outdoors and putting yourself and others at risk? When you look at it that way, FortuneCookie begins to make sense.

FortuneCookie, according to the developer, contains inspirational and uplifting cookies, but still has dark and insulting ones. FortuneCookie is compatible with iOS 7 – 13.x. This means that all jailbroken iOS devices running any of these versions are supported.

FortuneCookie is also free and open-source so anyone can get the code and tweak it to their liking.

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