AltStore 1.3 is now available, dds support for sideloading any app

iOS being closed source and Android being open-source makes for one fundamental difference. You can easily install any Android app on your phone provided you have the relevant .apk file while on iOS, this is close to impossible as Apple controls what apps can be installed by managing the App Store and controlling what apps get published on it.

It is not uncommon to find very useful apps that don’t quite make it to the App Store, simply because Apple doesn’t think it meets its standards and regulations. On Android, that’s simple, get any of the third-party app stores and install the app you want anyway. On iOS, that’s a little more difficult.

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AltStore 1.3 (Source)

For a while, has been the go-to platform for iOS users seeking to expand their App Selection catalog from what Apple offers via the App Store. AltStore prides itself in being “A home for apps that push the boundaries of iOS“. No jailbreak is required to use the AltStore.

This rather popular platform is getting a new update to version 1.3. This build brings a host of new improvements and features. The main improvement in this build has got to be the ability to sideload any app onto your iPhone, Android-style.

Some of the most notable improvements to AltStore 1.3 include:

• Dramatically faster app refresh times
• Support for (de-)activating apps to work around iOS 13.3.1 three app limit
• Much better error messages for common issues

When updating AltStore on your phone, you might also want to update AltStore on your PC or Mac. This is because, according to the developer, there are also some important AltServer updates.

The new versions of AltServer for Windows PC and Mac are important because they are essential to support all the new features in AltStore 1.3. You can update these by clicking Check for Updates from the AltServer menu.

We shall update this post when we get the exact procedure for sideloading apps using this new build of AltStore. You might, therefore, want to stay tuned to our dedicated iOS section for that and much more.

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