The previous chapter of Demon Slayer was both happy and sad. Happy because the Demon Slayer corps finally defeated Muzan. However, it did not come without a multitude of casualties. The saddest part was Tanjiro’s death. And when we thought things could not get any worse, Demon Slayer 201 spoilers tells us otherwise.

The latest chapter of Demon Slayer is just a few days away, and spoilers are leaking over the internet. The Demon Slayer 201 spoilers present two main highlights. First is the back story of Muzan. The second part is how Tanjiro turned into a demon.

Muzan back story

Muzan is considered to be the first demon. Although until now, very little is known about how he became one. The Demon Slayer 201 spoilers, however, shed light on this little mystery.

Muzan was born dead. Even from the womb, his heart stopped beating multiple times. He only displayed signs of life when he was about to be cremated. This tells us that he may have been a demon since birth, and was never a former human.

The question that remains is how this happened to him. Could it be possible that he was actually conceived by a demon and a human parent? Whichever the case, it may explain why he has such unique qualities compared to the other demons. It may also hold the secret as to why his blood can turn others into demons.

The real demon king?

Since Muzan was the one who turned many into demons, he was considered the king of demons. However, Demon Slayer 201 spoilers suggest that he was not meant to be the real demon king.

During his last moments, Muzan wanted to continue his mission of annihilating the Demon Slayer corps. He plans to accomplish this by injecting his blood to Tanjiro. Muzan believes that Tanjiro will be the strongest demon for several reasons.

Muzan believes that Tanjiro will develop resistance to sunlight, like his sister Nezuko. Another reason is that Tanjiro can also use the same techniques as Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

While Giyu and Nezuko mourn Tanjiro’s death, Tanjiro suddenly opens his eyes and he has now become a demon. Giyu instantly ordered to kill Tanjiro under the sun before he can kill anyone. This was not easy for everyone because it is Tanjiro, and also because he has become incredibly strong.

Demon Slayer chapter 201 will be officially released on April 5, 2020, in the Weekly Shonen Jump.

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