Angel Beats! and Charlotte season 2: How high are the chances?

SINN SINN Apr 02, 2020 Anime, News

It’s been 10 years since P.A Works’ Angel Beats! had aired, and 5 years since anime series Charlotte wrapped up. For those who aren’t aware, both of these critically acclaimed and thorough hits come from studio Key, a Japanese light novel boutique well known for works like Kanon, Air (2000) and Clannad.

Given their high ratings during air time, and continued support from loyal fans who remain active in the community, even after a decade has passed, it is not surprising that an overwhelming number of them have pined for a second season for both of these cult animes.

While the source material for ‘Angel Beats!’ extends beyond what the anime covered, the same cannot be said for Charlotte. This is why we leaped with joy when Jun Maeda, the creator of both the shows, dropped major hints at a second season on Twitter.

Here’s what his tweet read (translated from Japanese):

Once again, this year’s “Angel Beats!” It’s been ten years since Charlotte. That’s why 2020 is such a milestone. I might be able to report this continuation in the near future!? Please look forward to it!

Since he had worded it super vaguely, some naturally wondered if the overzealous fans were reading too much into it. After all, it has been 10 whole years. If P.A Works and Aniplex had any intention to collaborate again for a season 2, wouldn’t it be out by now?

It could also simply be Maeda Jun thanking the fans for supporting his two works from Key studio for so many years, and sharing his feelings as a maker of Angel Beats! On its continued success after 10 years.

(Image Credit: Charlotte and AB on twitter)

Some also pointed out that the Tweet was made on April 1, popularly celebrated as ‘Fool’s Day’ and Japanese producers and creators are notorious for toying with their fan’s hearts with false announcements such as these.

But the joke has gone too far, if it really is a prank post, as the creator still has not redacted the tweet nor revealed his intentions behind it. Moreover, PA Works’ official handle has also retweeted Maeda’s tweet today, endorsing his words.

While it remains unclear whether he actually hinted at a second season, and if yes, then exactly which one of his works was he specifically speaking of, it would be great to have either one of them back on television. Maybe with a whole new storyline and characters.

Even without a source material like Angel Beats!, Charlotte has the most chance for a season 2 given the world the makers have built around it has infinite potential. Fans would equally welcome a brand new story from Maeda Jun, if that’s what the author has actually hinted at. Overall, we have to keep a close eye on announcements coming out from P A Works this year!

(Image Credit: Charlotte and AB on Twitter)

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