Tower of God: New trailer previews key visuals from episode 1

SINN SINN Mar 31, 2020 Anime & Manga, News

“Welcome to the Tower of God!”

Tower of God franchise has just released a new extended trailer on its social feed and fans couldn’t be more happy about it. With less than 48 hours to go for its world premiere on Crunchyroll on Wednesday, this trailer doesn’t shy away from giving us a deep-dive into the world of ‘Tower’.

Through a somber and mystery-inducing background music that gradually accentuates, we are given glimpses of various key characters — Bam, Rachel Khun and the rest. The mood is anything but light.

One can also hear the (in)famous lines about ‘God’s Tower’ from the original Webtoon through a narrator’s voiceover:

“Honour or pride?”
“Power and influence?”
Money and riches?”
“Revenge or to transcend all such things?”
“Climb the tower and everything will be yours”

This sets us up with the central conflict that Tower of God anime would start with — Bam’s search for his dearest friends Rachel. She climbed the Tower to see the stars, while he takes on the world to go find her at the top of the tower.

But of course, for those of us who have read the webtoon, that is just the beginning of the many twists and turns that Tower of God throws at us. For those who are starting the series for the first time in the anime version, the many adventure stories interlaced with action is something to look forward to.

Moreover, Tower of God has plenty of complex characters for us to get attached and even get frustrated with. They come with their own backstory that will keep us stay hooked to the show. We get a glimpse of it in the trailer as we maneuver through various scenes from the ‘Tower’.

Earlier, the official website of the show had released several key visuals, along with the name for the upcoming pilot episode. Here’s what all you can obsess over as you wait with us for the world premiere of Tower of God anime on April 1.

Simultaneously the Japanese version of the theme song ‘Shinno Flower’ by Kpop band Stray Kids was also released for fans. The opening theme will also be released in English and Korean, as per reports.

Tower of God is adapted from a Korean fantasy manhwa (comic) that follows the story of a young man named Bam, who has to go through several adventures to reach the top of a mysterious tower in order to find his precious friend Rachel.

The hype surrounding the Tower of God anime release is totally justifiable given the popularity of the original web-comic it’s based on. First published on WEBTOON, this comic by Korean WEBTOON author ‘Slave. In. Utero’ (SIU) enjoys a whooping 4.5 billion readership across the world.

(Image Credit: Tower of God on Twitter)

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