Pokemon Go - All GO Battle League (GBL) Bugs & Issues that are addressed by Niantic

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Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic in 2016, is still one of the most popular mobile games. The game has a huge community base all around the world. The game’s popularity took some fall at the end of 2017, but it again retrieved its positive growth curve in 2019 with the addition of the fifth-generation Pokemon.

Along with this, the addition of Team Go Rocket further increased its popularity. Well, this year, Niantic added one of the most awaited Go Battle League features to the game. Go Battle League Season 1 is currently underway, but it is plagued with bugs.

Pokemon Go Lunar Year Event 2020

Niantic took the route of the official blog to address the ongoing GBL bugs. Some of the bugs are fixed, but a few more are currently under investigation. You can check the complete list of GBL bugs down below & their current status.

Pokemon Go Lunar Year Event 2020

After a Pokémon faints, selecting the next Pokémon can lead to a period of lag

Issue description: After a Pokémon faints in Battle, selecting the next Pokémon can lead to a period of lag during which no attacks are registered.

Issue status: Investigating


Fast Attacks with short durations are causing lag

Issue description: Fast Attacks with shorter durations (e.g., Lick, Water Gun) can cause the Battle to lag, and the damage caused by these attacks may not register correctly.

Issue status: Resolved in recent update (0.169)

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure
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The Pokémon switch menu sometimes appears immediately after switching to another Pokémon

Issue description: After a player’s Pokémon faints and the player switches to their next Pokémon, the Pokémon switch menu sometimes appears immediately afterwards on the screen and needs to be dismissed again.

Issue status: One root cause was resolved in recent update (0.169). We are investigating other root causes for this issue.

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure
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Opponents using more than two Shields

Issue description: Some Trainers have observed their opponents using three or more Shields. When there are latency issues or when one or both Trainers has a weak connection, using a Shield before an opponent’s Charged Attack may not properly consume the Shield, which can result in more than two Shields being used in a single Battle.

Issue status: Adjustments that will lessen the occurrence of this error will be put in place in an upcoming update, but weak connections may continue to cause this issue.

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure

The lower portion of the screen is sometimes unresponsive during Battle

Issue description: The lower portion of the screen can become unresponsive during Battle, leading the player to be unable to use Charged Attacks or switch to another Pokémon when tapped in the unresponsive area.

Issue status: Resolved in recent update (0.169)

100 km

Clicking “Claim Rewards” for a completed Battle set on a following day results in one fewer allowed Battle set

Issue description: After completing a Battle set, waiting to click “Claim Rewards” until the following day results in the set being counted towards the following day’s maximum number of daily Battle sets.
Workaround: Please claim your rank rewards on the day you finish the set.

Issue status: Resolved in an upcoming update

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