One Piece 976 is finally near. It’s about time we see some action in the Wano Country arc. But before we get there, let us have a brief review of the previous chapter.

Everyone was thrilled with the events of the previous chapter. Denjiro revealed himself, everyone was safe, and the long-awaited reunion of Luffy, Kid, and Law finally happened. But what everyone may have missed is the introduction of the latest member of the Straw hat pirates’ crew.

Actually, he has been with the crew ever since they escaped Big Mom’s territory. Yes. I am talking about Zeus.


Zeus is one of Big Mom’s special homies made from her own soul using the soul-soul fruit. What makes Big Mom’s devil fruit ability so unique is that the homies she creates from her or other people’s souls seem to manifest their own personalities.

These homies are also only bound by their fear of Big Mom, but generally have their own free will. Thus we see how Zeus was able to defect to Nami feeding his own appetite for the thunder balls in Nami’s sorcery clima-tact.

As Zeus joyfully feeds on Nami’s clima-tact, his power grows intensely depending on how much thunder balls he consumes. He can become so powerful he was able to stun Big Mom while she was chasing the Straw hats. This makes him useful for large scale battles which will be coming very soon in Wano.

How Zeus can become part of the Straw hats?

Referring to Zeus as a crew member of the Straw hats is a bit of a stretch. For now, at least. But, here are some possible reasons why Zeus should be considered as part of the Straw hats crew.

Currently, Nami considers Zeus as her slave, using him as a major power-up in her arsenal. However, I think Big Mom thinks more of these special homies than just slaves. When Big Mom arrived at Wano, she said that Zeus has to come back to her no matter what.

This tells us that Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon are her most trusted companions. So, the homies having their own personality and free will is now established. I believe that at the end of the Wano arc, Zeus will be more attached to Nami and possibly to the other members of the crew. And knowing Luffy, another uniquely weird crew member such as Zeus is a perfect addition.

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