Shonen Jump just released a My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising manga one-shot in their official app and online platform. The one-shot manga is made available to paying members of the platform as a treat. The title of the said one-shot manga is League of Villains: Undercover.

This one-shot manga was written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi himself. It is basically an origin story of the main antagonist of the movie Heroes Rising, Nine. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the one-shot manga is only nine pages long.

League of Villains: Undercover summary

In this one-shot, Horikoshi reveals Nine’s ideals and goals. Nine seems to be disturbed by the world’s hierarchy of authority. To better understand his ideals and goals, here is a quick review of his abilities.

Nine’s quirk allows him to control the weather which makes him very powerful and dangerous. With his ability, he can summon destructive thunderstorms in an instant and even create a powerful tornado with himself at the epicenter.

Dr. Ujiko describes his power godly. However, the magnitude of his power causes cellular damage to his body. Searching for more power, Nine volunteered to be a test subject for Dr. Ujiko. Nine believes that the world has been unfair to him and to many others who are strong, but are denied what they think they deserve.

His reason for gaining more power is to revert the world to its primitive system where the strong ones are in authority.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second full-feature film of the My Hero Academia franchise. The story follows the activities of UA’s class 1-A. After everyone obtained their provisional hero licenses the whole class was sent to the remote Nabu Island.

Their task is to do heroic work despite the work involving mostly minor deeds the island’s relatively low crime rate. Little did they know, that a powerful villain is on its way to change their whole expectation.

The movie was a big hit both in Japan and in world theatres. On its opening weekend, the movie earned almost 6 million dollars taking the 4th spot in the weekly ranking. Overall, the movie’s gross US sales went up to over 13 million dollars and earned a cumulative worldwide gross of 28,727,075 dollars.

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