Google Drive slow video processing issue officially acknowledged, possible workaround inside

For the work-at-home guys like yours truly, the shift in dynamics caused by the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t change much about our daily routines. But for those who commute daily to work, well, welcome to the other side of life.

Sure, there is a lot you can do while at home, especially for those who are suddenly enjoying what is essentially an unplanned “leave” from work. Whether it’s dusting your desktop PC, its accessories and/or other gadgets or working out in your mobile gym.

Be it playing a video game or streaming some of the shows you’ve been missing out, there is simply plenty you can do at home. But it turns out that during this period, Google Drive is taking in lots of requests that are overwhelming the service, hence slowing down video processing.


I recorded a Screencastify video (it is 23 minutes long) and for the past 2 hours it has come up with the message “We are processing this video. Please check back later.” I need it tomorrow morning for our first eLearning, and I plan to use Screencastify a lot over the next few weeks, so I would like to get this figured out ASAP!

I have uploaded multiple videos to Google Drive. When uploaded, these videos display the message, “We’re processing this video. Please check back later.” for hours. I have even checked back after multiple hours to be greeted with the same message. It seems like the videos never process and become available for streaming. Additionally, this happens for videos uploaded to Google Drive through extensions. I have uploaded Screencastify videos that never seem to process either.

As it turns out, this is something that Google is aware of. Chiming in, a company employee confirms the slowdown, adding that it is caused by the substantial increase in uploads to the cloud storage.


Furthermore, the employee says the Google Drive slow video processing times only show up when watching directly from the Drive interface. For now, at least until the issue is fixed, the workaround is to download the video files in question and play them locally.

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