Fortnite Season 2 - All Helicopters (Choppas) spawn locations on the map

Vaibhav Chawla Vaibhav Chawla Mar 18, 2020 Gaming, News

Staying true to the theme of this season, spies, Fortnite introduces a new mode of transport, Helicopters. The players have been demanding increased mobility for quite some time and it was time Epic Games listened to the community.

The idea was teased in the Season 2 promo and finally, it has come to life with the name Choppas. A 5-man tactical, mobility advantage that can make or break your game. There are no preloaded weapons on the Choppas but you can use your kit of destruction to harass the players who can’t fly.

Fortnite update

Helicopters were released with the update v12.20 on Tuesday and can be found on dotted helipads distributed all over the Island’s secret bases. The Choppa location will be a highly contested area so if you want to rack up kills, ammo or anything you can try your luck on the 8 different spots for their spawn.

Helicopter spawn locations
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The first of the helipads can be found on the east side of The Rig, with another fairly nearby on the north-west side of The Shark Base. In Pleasant Park, the old soccer field has been transformed into a bunker, complete with a helipad, and another can be found in the centre of The Grotto.

Fortnite Risky Reel event

Two more can spawn to the south of The Agency and to the east of Craggy Cliffs respectively, with the final two being found on The Yacht, and on the western side of The Mountain. Though Choppas will be a huge advantage, they pose a danger as well.

If you embark on the flying journey you cannot drop down mid-flight. Players first have to park their vehicles and Choppas being loud can alert the enemy teams for an ambush or a potential Choppa steal.

Fortnite Ban

The Choppas also become an obvious target from the ground , but the manoeuvrability and speed make it a difficult target to hit. Well, now you know all about the helicopters surely you will find one soon, test it and let us know what you feel about these Choppas.

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