Smart Lock issues after Android 10 update affecting Samsung, Google, Nokia, OnePlus & probably more devices

Android has gained a lot of ground since Google acquired it. Over the years, some features get dropped while others creep in.

Sure, you may never get to use all features that Google adds to Android every now and then (which is why the less popular ones get dropped). Matter of fact, one feature that some Android users hardly use is Smart Lock.

For the uninitiated, Smart Lock was once what Motorola called Trusted Bluetooth. This feature allowed devices like the original Moto X to stay unlocked whenever it was connected to a trusted, Bluetooth device like your headphones or home theatre.

The original Moto X from 2013

This way, you hardly ever got to unlock the phone manually unless you leave the vicinity of the trusted device. When Google acquired the company, Trusted Bluetooth morphed into what is today known as Smart Lock, tagging along some new features or rather new unlock methods.

The Smart Lock of today keeps your phone unlocked when in your pocket or you’re near home, meaning you only need to unlock the device once with your PIN, pattern, or password and it will stay unlocked.

While the feature has proven to be an ingenious addition for many, it appears that using Smart Lock after Android 10 update has become a pain in the neck on multiple Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


Since my phone (Samsung S9+) upgraded to Android 10, the smart lock feature’s behaviour has changed and I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug. If intentional, it is very annoying. For over a year I have had the smart lock work whilst I’m connected via Bluetooth to my car. However, since the update it requires you to unlock it once after connection. You might think this is minor, but I usually remember this when I’m already driving and so it means pulling over to use a fingerprint or pin. Can anybody shed some light?

The Smartlock Trusted location doesnt work at all and I’ve deleted the orig locations and started fresh. The fingerprint which also used to work well, prior to Android 10, now takes approx 6 tries and I must use my PIN every time I pick up my phone at home and that could be within seconds. This 10 OS update was what did it, but I dont know what to do to fix it.

Affected users say the Smart Lock feature was fine before updating to Android 10, meaning the only culprit here is the latest and greatest from Google, but the search giant insists that this is a Samsung problem.

As you’d expect, Samsung also claims otherwise – that this is a Google issue to address. Going by the reports coming from other affected non-Samsung users, one would easily agree with Samsung that this is a Google problem to fix.


Same issue with Huawei psmart 2019. I’ve read somewhere else that once you connect to your trusted device and unlock the phone it will stay unlocked. This does appear to work for me if I unlock with PIN but not with fingerprint.

Even Google’s own Pixel 3 is affected…

Same problem here. I have a Google Pixel 3. This phone is 90% because this feature doesn’t work. It’s SUPER Annoying!!! I want my phone unlocked while I’m working out of my home…..Google you need to fix this.

… and so are some OnePlus devices as well.

Glad I’m not the only one. Smart lock never failed my Oneplus 6T until Android 10. Even with multiple devices and at my home, it’s incredibly inconsistent. I work with water a lot so my fingers peel a lot so fingerprint reader isn’t reliable I’m my case either.

I have had constant problems with smartlock using trusted place as many described here on the community. I’m not sure did this increase with Android 10 update, have had A10 for so long, Oneplus 7 Pro.

As you can see from the reports above, this isn’t a Samsung-only thing. But since Google has yet to acknowledge the bug, no one knows when to expect a proper fix for this annoying Smart Lock issue after the Android 10 update.

We will keep our eyes open and let you know when the issue is addressed. Meanwhile, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for more related stories.

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