Samsung Galaxy phone vibrating for no reason? Install this application!

Samsung is the undoubted, the king of Android. This Korean tech giant along with its Chinese nemesis, sold one-third of all phones sold in Q2 2019. This is no mean feat. This also means that a good percentage of phones in the hands of users is a Samsung phone.

This is not by chance. Samsung’s phones have been known for their decent build quality and one of the more refined Android skins in the business today. This, therefore, induces a certain level of quality. And users expect nothing less.

Galaxy A50

A section of Samsung smartphone users have observed a rather odd behavior on their devices. Most affected users note that this started after the January patch update.

According to these users, their Samsung devices would just start vibrating as if there was a notification while actually, there is no new notification on their device.

Hi guys I have been using A50 phone from 10 months after January patch update my phone is vibrating unnecessarily without any notifications.

Is anyone facing the same problem like me ??

Please help with these if anyone has suffered ??

Samsung vibrating issue

My phone is vibrating for 2-3 seconds at least 7-8 times in a day without any reason..from the past 2-3 days..the frequency of vibration has been increased.. No notification flash messages nothing..even I checked my notification bar inaccessibility that is also off too..kindly help me in this..

According to users, this is not an isolated case as it happens a number of times in the course of the day. The issue has also been reported by users on different Samsung galaxy phones, from the M30s to the A50 and a few more.

Some users have also noted that this happens even when Smart Alert, a feature that is meant to filter out any incoming notifications other than pre-approved ones, is engaged.

nice catch
Nice Catch app

Luckily, there might be a solution. An app that is available on Samsung’s own App Store, allows users to find out which app causes the phone to vibrate. The app, Nice Catch, is available on Galaxy Store. You can download it here.

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