This One-Punch Man 117 spoilers are only for those who only have access to the Shonen Jump issue. Nevertheless, the thoughts that I will be sharing here may be worth noting for other One-Punch Man readers.

In the previous chapter, Drive Night finally vanquished Nyan who had been a trouble to many heroes in the past chapters. As it turns out, he was watching from afar the whole time. He was collecting battle data to find out how to defeat Nyan. In the upcoming chapter, he revealed to Sekingar that he might know who the mole in the association is.

The two-faced hero

The idea of having a mole in the Hero Association was introduced by Child Emperor before the rescue op started. In One-Punch Man 117 spoilers, Sekingar suspected Drive Knight. This was, however, almost immediately debunked after hearing about the data collected by Drive Knight.

Drive Knight collected data about the dragon-level monsters of the Monster Association. He intended to give away those data to the other heroes before the battle begins. However, he did not do so due to the thought of having a traitor use them against their favor.

Metal Knight’s true identity

This is where things get interesting and frankly suspicious. Drive Knight made a compelling argument that Metal Knight might be the traitor. There are many reasons to believe that Metal Knight is a villain. Drive Knight pointed out a few things to support his accusation.

1. Dr. Bofoi, who created Metal Night, built the Hero Association headquarters. Since all the heroes are out to save Waganma, the HQ is wide open for any attacks.
2. The Metal Night drone was captured by the Monster Association and has been dissected for battle and other data. Drive Knight believes that this capture was planned.
3. If the Monster Association manages to hack into Metal Knight’s system, they could gain control of Dr. Bofoi’s robots. In that scenario, it would be easy to take down the Hero Association HQ.

What is Drive Knight’s true intent?

Drive Knight’s assumptions are very bold despite not being able to provide hard proof. This got me thinking, why is he doing these things now? I mean, he may have some good points like linking Metal Knight’s capture and Dr. Bofoi’s creation of the Hero Assoc. HQ. But things still do not add up.

Drive Knight is very analytical and only moves when winning is sure. But this time, it seems like he is pushing it. Even Sekingar is not wholly convinced. But what if this is a part of an elaborate scheme drawn by bought Drive Knight and Dr. Bofoi.

Drive Knight is also a mysterious fella. But we cannot jump into conclusions yet. He may just be like Genos, a victim of genocide. However, it is still mysterious why he warned Genos about Metal Knight on their first encounter. I guess we will know more as the story progresses.

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