Annoyed with iPhone 11 clicking noise? iOS 13.4 beta fixes the bug

When a device’s price-tag is over $1,000 like the iPhone 11, there is a certain level of expectation that users have. There are little things that should not be issues and it is unacceptable to settle for anything less.

That has been the general feeling for a number of iPhone 11 users who have been having issues with their expensive pieces of hardware.

iPhone 11

According to countless reports on the web and in forums, users have been experiencing a weird clicking sound when you use swipe up to get off an app.

I have been taking some photos in my bedroom this evening using my release day 11 Pro Max, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when I open or close the camera app the camera makes a physical click sound. I am in an almost silent room, and the sound is very quiet.

I am aware that cameras have moving parts, but I have been using iPhones for years – this is my 9th one, and this is the first time I’ve ever noticed this. Anyone else ever heard this noise?



This issue has been a round for quite a while now. The earliest reports of the same can be traced back as far as October 2019. At the time, this seemed like a very niche problem. However, many more users started reporting the same.

For many affected users, this issue seems to have begun after the iOS 13.3 update. Countless threads contain narratives by frustrated users who can’t seem to figure out why this issue is affecting them.

However, things might be looking up after all. For affected users, the new build of iOS, version 13.4 appears to have fixed this problem.

After the countless users acknowledged they are struggling with this annoying sound, Apple seems to have heard these cries. Now that iOS 13.4 beta is out, people confirmed it has fixed the problem.

iOS 13.4
iOS 13.4

For users that are not on the Beta channel, it might be worth sitting tight for a little bit, at least until this update is rolled out in the stable channel. Also, countless users have recorded being able to get replacement devices from Apple for this very issue.

If this issue does not get fixed for you even after this update, returning the device back to Apple might still be an option, provided you’re still covered by warranty.

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