A new update for Pokemon Go has rolled out by Niantic and the latest update to the game has brought many enhancements and fixes to the game. Major fixes have seemed to arrive for GBL ( Go Battle League). Some GBL issues are still under investigation and Niantic has addressed them on their official blog.

Pokemon Go’s latest update is coming with version 0.165.2. Niantic stated that the latest update has fixed latency issues but according to players the issue is worse than ever and GO Battle League is currently unplayable.

Pokemon Go Lunar Year Event 2020

Players have taken the route of Reddit & forums to express their issues. On a popular Pokemon Go forum, thesiplhroad, many players have stated that they are experiencing lags more frequently. Have a look at a few complaints down below.

Pokemon Go update

Pokemon Go Update

We are keeping a close watch on this issue and whenever any update or fix will arrive regarding this issue, we will update the post. Apart from this, Niantic has addressed the following GBL issues on their official blog and they have also confirmed their status.

Pokemon Go Lunar Year Event 2020

Opponents using more than two Shields

Issue description: Some Trainers have observed their opponents using three or more Shields. When there are latency issues or when one or both Trainers has a weak connection, using a Shield before an opponent’s Charged Attack may not properly consume the Shield, which can result in more than two Shields being used in a single Battle.
Issue status: Investigating


Trainers are able to use airplane mode on their device to disconnect their opponent Trainers at the beginning of a GO Battle League match

Issue description: Users are able to use airplane mode on their device to disconnect their opponent Trainers at the beginning of a GO Battle League match, causing an easy win for the Trainer using the exploit and a loss for their opponent.

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Lagging during matches

Issue description

We have heard reports of latency issues experienced during the middle of Battle when played with a weak Internet connection. This can prevent Trainers from using Fast Attacks upon reconnection, or Trainers seeing a significant amount of damage dealt suddenly.

Issue status: We are implementing improvements in an update currently rolling out (0.165.2) that should resolve some of the latency related issues. Please note that playing with a weak connection or a connection that disconnects will still cause the Battle to lag and respond slowly.

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The lower portion of the screen is sometimes unresponsive during Battle

Issue description: The lower portion of the screen can become unresponsive during Battle, leading the player to be unable to use Charged Attacks or switch to another Pokémon when tapped in the unresponsive area.
Issue status: Investigating

100 km

The Battle page is not refreshing after GO Battle League matches or after actions are taken on the page

Issue description: The Battle page is not refreshing after each GO Battle League match, after claiming rank rewards, or after clicking “Battle Now.” This can lead to incorrect rank, stats, and available rewards to be displayed on the page.
Issue status: Resolved in 0.165.1

Wizards Unite

Distance to charge a Battle set does not round down

Issue description: The distance to charge a Battle set does not round down, which results in accrued distance of 4.95km up to 5km displaying as 5.0/5km with the “Battle Now” button still locked behind a PokéCoin purchase.
Workaround: Please continue to walk a little further (up to 0.1km) until the “Battle Now” button can be clicked without a PokéCoin purchase.

Issue status: Fix in an upcoming update

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Clicking “Claim Rewards” for a completed Battle set on a following day results in one fewer allowed Battle set

Issue description: After completing a Battle set, waiting to click “Claim Rewards” until the following day results in the set being counted towards the following day’s maximum number of daily Battle sets.
Workaround: Please claim your rank rewards on the day you finish the set.
Issue status: Investigating

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