Google's Stadia is now officially supported by Unity

Most games are made in Unity 3D game engine, because it is one of the most powerful game engine in the world right now. According to the latest version of Unity 2019.3 Google’s Stadia is now officially supported by Unity.

Stadia is Google’s one of the most ambitious projects in a while. It just requires a game controller (Stadia controller), display and a fast internet connection to play games. Hence, Google wants to take gaming to the cloud.

Only a company like Google can make such a dare, as in the past this type of idea was used by some other companies but it could not take off.

In the year 2013 Mozilla released Firefox OS. This was an operating system for smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. The idea was that your device will only show the content in real time but actual operating system will be in the cloud.

This project failed because at that time internet connections were not fast enough and also developers did not support this idea, primarily because the technology was not mature enough at that time.

Fast forward six years, in November 2019, Google launched a flagship gaming platform named Stadia, based on the very same concept.

This time around the technology was mature enough to support this idea. The internet connection speeds are blazing fast now and also 5G technology is about to take the world by storm.

So will Google be able to pull off where Mozilla failed? Let us try to figure that out. Google has developed the technology, but initially like all other new disruptive innovations, there will be some issues.

Google can really optimize this technology in the coming years and then it will be in a position to challenge the current established players like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

All Google needs right now is the support and love of game developers to create games for this platform. Furthermore, Google wants the developers to port their existing games to this platform as well. That is where Unity comes in. In order to create or port games to Stadia, developers need support of the official game engine.

In the latest version 2019.3, Unity has officially supported Google’s Stadia platform. Below is the statement from Unity.

Are you interested in publishing your game on Stadia? We now offer support for everything that approved developers need to create and ship their first game on Google’s new cloud gaming platform. Interested developers should start the process with an application for resources on Google’s Stadia developer website.

There are 40+ flagship games currently available on the platform. You can see the available titles here.

Story credits: Ali Noor

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