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The 2017 Razer Phone kicked off the gaming smartphone craze and was later succeeded by the Razer Phone 2 in October 2018. Reports from earlier this year suggested there won’t be a Razer Phone 3 especially after the company laid off employees in the mobile division.

Whether Razer goes ahead to release the third sequel to its gaming phone is beyond our control. It would have been great to see what the Razer Phone 3 would offer and how much it would cost, especially since the Razer Phone 2 pretty much ticks all the gaming boxes.

The Razer Phone 2 and its predecessor brought the high refresh rate screens that are now the craze in the mainstream smartphone market. You also get a flurry of gaming-focused hardware and software customizations to suit the gaming freaks out there who are always on the go.

Razer Phone 2

But one area Razer slightly lags is software updates. For instance, the last software update owners of this device received, be it unlocked or carrier-locked, brought September security patches.

AT&T rolled out the update early last month and a couple of weeks later, the unlocked models picked up their OTAs. Today, reports just coming in can confirm a new Razer Phone 2 update with the latest November security patch for those using the AT&T model.

Just received an update notification for November updates.

I believe that’s only for AT&T variants so probably not. Looking at the size of the patch I feel safe in assuming it’s the MR2 update alongside a more upto date security patch.

AT&T Razer Phone 2 November security update (Source)

The update is pretty huge for a mere security patch, weighing in at 520MB. For comparison, the September patch weighed in at just 81MB. On the other hand, the unlocked model got a September patch that was a little heavier than AT&T’s November patch, but with more in the changelog.

Unlocked Razer Phone 2 September update

AT&T hasn’t updated the Razer Phone 2 software support page with details of the latest November update. Maybe when it does is when we get to know everything this update brings to the phone besides the security new patch.

Usually, the AT&T Razer Phone 2 picks up updates ahead of the unlocked model. Granted, those using the non-carrier variant should receive this same update in the coming days or weeks for that matter. We will let you know when the OTA arrives.

Update (January 28, 2020)

AT&T is rolling out the latest January 2020 security patch to the Razer Phone 2 weighing in at 89.1MB. It doesn’t bring more than the said security patch, although this doesn’t mean you ignore it.

AT&T Razer Phone 2 January 2020 security update (Source)

NOTE: For more Razer-related stuff, check out this section. You may also keep an eye on our Android 10 section to know when your Razer Phone 2 picks up the new OS.

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