Pokemon Go has successfully marched in 2020 with flying colors. Even after three years, the game is running strong & is played by millions monthly. Pokemon Go generated a revenue of $1.4 billion for Niantic.

Last year, Niantic introduced many new elements to the game including Buddy System & Team Go Rocket Battles. Now, Niantic is all set to make Pokemon Go even more exciting for players. Niantic has already shared the details from the upcoming live events.

Pokemon Go Lunar Year Event 2020

Cut to now, a popular data miner group, Pokeminers, has leaked the details regarding new Team Go Rocket research & it will land to the game in February. The new Rocket’s questline will be called A Professor’s Work Is Never Done. You can check its complete dialogues down below.


“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (1/6)”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (2/6)”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (3/6)”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (4/6)”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (5/6)”

“A Professor’s Work Is Never Done (6/6)”

“Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%. Thanks for your help battling Team GO Rocket. Trainers like you help keep Pokémon safe!”

“But this battle is far from over, and we must continue learning about Team GO Rocket, their leaders, and their boss, Giovanni.”

“Looks like the Rocket Radar I developed is helping the cause. I remember when this strange activity started happening…”

“Back then, I had a hunch the Mysterious Components that Team GO Rocket Grunts were leaving behind held more secrets than we originally thought. We’ve come quite a long way since then!”

“On that note, could you continue your work battling Grunts and helping Shadow Pokémon?”

“Wonderful work, %PLAYERNAME%.”

“I remember the first time we came across Shadow Pokémon. It was heartbreaking to see the pain they were in, and I knew I had to do something.”

“As a Pokémon Professor, I always want to contribute and help where I can. I may not be an accomplished battler like you, %PLAYERNAME%, but I can use my skills as a researcher and scientist to assist you on your journey.”

“That was why I started using Mysterious Components to build the prototype for the Rocket Radar. I hoped that Trainers like you could use it in our ongoing fight against Team GO Rocket and in our efforts to rescue more Pokémon.”

“So let’s get out there and do just that. I’m grateful for your help, especially now. It’s when times are toughest that we have the greatest opportunity to shine!”

“Thank you for purifying those Pokémon, %PLAYERNAME%. I’m sure they are just as grateful as I am for your dedication.”

“Rescuing these Pokémon was the main reason for my work on the Rocket Radar prototype.”

“Luckily, with the help of the team leaders and motivated Trainers like you, we were able to develop a functioning Rocket Radar and even start work on the Super Rocket Radar!”

“While a terrible situation, the Team GO Rocket invasion has been a thrilling adventure and research opportunity. I’m anxious but excited to send our findings over to my mentor, Professor Oak. I’ll be sure to let him know you said hello!”

“Now, it’s time to get back to work. Let’s test your battle skills, %PLAYERNAME%!”

“I’m always so impressed when Trainers use supereffective moves in battle. It’s a sign of greatness when you see a Trainer using type effectiveness to their advantage.”

“All our work lately seems to have gotten Team GO Rocket’s attention.”

“Reports are coming in that Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo are currently lurking in the area. You know what to do, %PLAYERNAME%!”

“I knew you could do it, %PLAYERNAME%. The more you practice, the better you’ll be able to take on those pesky Team GO Rocket Leaders. I’m sure they’re already scheming up their next plan after this defeat.”

“But now, Giovanni is waiting.”

“Using the Super Rocket Radar, track him down and defeat him. We must remain strong—Giovanni is relentless. I wonder why he continues his invasion…”

“There are so many resources and Pokémon in our world. His evil plans must have something to do with that. My research will continue, but we need you to face him.”

“Good luck, %PLAYERNAME%. We’re counting on you.”

“Fantastic work, %PLAYERNAME%!”

“I will definitely be adding your victory as a note to the research I send over to Professor Oak.”

“I’m sure he will be interested in anything you’ve learned about Shadow Pokémon and the continuing Team GO Rocket invasion, so please keep up your research and send it my way.”

“It may seem small, but every little bit helps!”

“I’ll be in touch soon, since we know Team GO Rocket isn’t likely to go anywhere. I know you’ll be ready for whatever happens next!”

Looming in the Shadows

Apart from that, the data mined code also features Pokemon Go February Community Day details which is voting based. Players are required to vote among the following four Pokemon : Machop, Vulpix, Rhyhorn, Dratini. Have a look at the rest of data mined code below.

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure
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New Quests

Vote for Machop Community Day! Catch {0} Pokémon
Vote for Rhyhorn Community Day! Catch {0} Pokémon
Vote for Vulpix Community Day! Catch {0} Pokémon
Vote for Dratini Community Day! Catch {0} Pokémon

Voting quests have been added. As expected, nothing really new here.

# Payback


Payback has been added (texts only, no stats yet).

# Battle Hub – Training


A new section called Training has been added to the Battle Hub. Most likely this is the existing Team Leader Training; as discovered in the APK the current training would be moving to the Battle Hub.

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure

# Rating Change?


This was updated to remove the variable. So for example, before it could be ‘Rating 1’, ‘Rating 2’, etc. Now it appears to just be ‘Rating’.

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure
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