Google Assistant comes pretty handy when you are in a quiet place and you can’t pick up the phone to touch/tap. It can help you set alarms, know weather, play music, and do a lot more with voice commands.

The feature becomes inevitable when you are driving. Even if you want to pick up the phone, the law doesn’t permit you to do that (we don’t encourage too!). After pairing your device with Android Auto, you can just perform multiple activities through voice commands.

As exciting as it sounds, the bugs might plague the platform to irritate the users. For example, Google Assistant Routines have stopped working for almost a year now. FYI, it helps users perform more than one task with a single command. See a concern from October 2018.

Android Auto routines not running – but they run fine in Assistant
I’m trying to execute the “I’m Leaving” routine via Android Auto on my Pixel 2, and it isn’t working. I have it set to turn off all the lights in the house, and they all just stay on. Same issue with the “I’m Home” routine, will not turn them on. If I unlock the phone and manually trigger the assistant on the phone, both routines execute properly. I just moved from the Amazon voice system to Google, so I don’t know if this is an existing issue or not. I couldn’t find anything on the forums.

Now, the issue has gone trending on the official support forum and in the last year itself, a community expert commented that the team was working to improve the scenario. Clearly, it hasn’t happened up until now.

google assistant routines not working auto android

Routines from Android Auto
I’ve recently taken the time to set up a bunch of routines through the Google assistant and some of them are very helpful! However, there are two that are killing me right now: Commute to work and Commute home.
The Google Assistant does not allow routines to run if it is running Android Auto. It just says “Routines are not available from this device.” every time I try. What gives? Is your android auto enabled head unit not the perfect place to use these routines? When else would you even use these if not in your car, on your way to work/home?
Does anyone know a workaround to get routines working from your car? Thanks!

android auto routines assistant

Over the last one year, people raised their voices about the bug on different social platforms, but to no avail! We do hope a fix will come to resurrect the service from its unfortunate demise. Don’t forget to stay tuned to this story to know when that happens.

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