How to transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhone and Android

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One of the most important tasks while switching from one phone to another is transferring personal data. And these days, WhatsApp undoubtedly occupies a major chunk of that bundle.

Though transferring WhatsApp chat history can be easily performed from one phone to another running the same OS, the problem arises while switching from an iPhone to an Android device (or vice-versa). WhatsApp does offer cloud-based backup, but it is not cross-platform.

You might have come across various solutions while searching for how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android devices or even how to transfer WhatsApp history from iPhone to Android. TBH, you need a specifically curated third-party tool in this mission.

And two of the most effective tools that I personally came across are dr.fone and MobileTrans. What is more interesting is that both these super tools for transferring data, including WhatsApp backups, are from the popular Wondershare brand.

Not only you can use these tools for data recovery and backup, but they can also be used for various other scenarios like removing lock screen protection from your phone, erasing data from the smartphone permanently, repairing your smartphone – be it on iOS or Android.

Let us get to both the solutions one by one:


One of the most trusted names when it comes to creating a backup and transferring files, dr.fone, is also one of the best tools for creating WhatsApp backup and restoring to a new phone.

dr.fone is trusted by millions of users across the globe. With the help of this nifty tool, you can create a backup of WhatsApp chats and transfer it to your new device with all the media items included.

Wait, there’s more! You can even preview your WhatsApp chats in HTML format on your PC for reading and printing. Moreover, dr.fone toolkit comes handy because the official method of transferring WhatsApp chats using iCloud and Google Drive is limited to the same (Android/iOS) system.

With the help of this tool, you can easily create a backup and transfer your WhatsApp chats history and other data between an iPhone and Android smartphone.

Some of the cool features of dr.fone are:

  • Easily backup or export iOS/Android WhatsApp messages to PC.
  • Backup other social media (LINE/Viber/Kik/Wechat) chat history with just one click.
  • Effortlessly transfer WhatsApp chats between iOS & Android.
  • Restore iOS/Android WhatsApp backup to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android.
  • Remove the screen lock.
  • Erase data permanently.

No more complex steps – you just need to follow three simple steps to transfer WhatsApp files from iPhone to Android.

  1. Connect both your old as well as new devices.
  2. Select the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option.
  3. Voila! Start your WhatsApp transfer.

Wondershare dr.fone toolkit is available on popular operating systems such as Windows as well as macOS.


Another great tool that you can use for data transfer and backup, transfer WhatsApp and other social apps, and restore data from cloud backups for iPhone and Android users is the MobileTrans.

All you need to do is connect your device and with a single click, every bit of your personal data can be backed up, restored or transferred. In fact, MobileTrans support 6,000+ devices and are trusted by 50,000,000+ users across the globe.

You can easily transfer WhatsApp chat history from your iPhone to Android or vice versa. As an addon, you can even transfer it to your new smartphone from cloud backups.

Cherry on top, it allows you to keep all your WhatsApp data including media, chats etc. safe by creating a backup on your PC. You can restore all your WhatsApp data easily with one click from your PC to your iPhone or Android device.

You can get this AIO solution for your smartphone by visiting their official site. Both Windows and macOS are compatible with the app.

What’s interesting is that during this holiday season, Wondershare is offering great discounts on both these tools. You can get 40% off if you opt for MobileTrans (4 tools included) or the same 40% off for specific features MobileTrans (Phone transfer or WhatsApp transfer).

MobileTrans (1)

And for dr.fone you can grab great discounts upto 40% off for All-in-one toolkit, 50% off in customized bundles and 40% off on specific models.

dr.fone 1 dr.fone 2 dr.fone 3

After personally using both the products, I am really satisfied as they offer all the features as mentioned on the website. Moreover, both the tool, i.e. dr.fone and MobileTrans come with a nice user friendly interface. You don’t need to be a Jedi to use them.

With such huge discounts on both the tools, you should look no further and go ahead and buy these tools for your complete WhatsApp backup and transfer solutions.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Wondershare. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility of the product being advertised here.

About Wondershare: Our software and products are used in over 150 countries world-wide. We’re continually inspired by our users, and we’re committed to creating simple and easy-to-use software for their needs.

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