Cr4shed, renowned crash reporter for iOS, updated with stability enhancements and reworked UI

Crashing isn’t a new thing for smartphone users. You must have had your own fair share of experiences even on the handset you are using right now. What do you think is the reason an application crashes?

Keeping the hardware part aside, it could happen due to two things, problems on either your firmware or the app itself. With periodical updates, apart from adding new features, developers also fix such issues to increase the user experience.
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In case you are naive, bugs like crashing may appear selectively. Meaning, it might be impossible to spot the trouble on every device. On such an occasion, how does the developer come to know about the hiccup so that it could be solved at once?

When people post their bad experiences online, it would eventually reach the ears of the creator. And, it’s a time consuming, unassertive practice . Imagine having a one-stop place to report all the crashing concerns to the respective developers.

That’s what Cr4shed is. It is a crash reporter for jailbroken iPhones, which already created waves in the community. Went live yesterday, its version 4.0-1 caused a bit of a mess for the users as the developers forgot to include Cephei as a dependency.

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So, they had to roll down 4.0-2 immediately by doing that. Although you can manually install Cephei for the previous version, the latest one doesn’t want to get everything done at your end to go functional. Have a look at the changelog below.

*Crash fixes
*Stability enhancements
*Reworked UI
*Rewritten mach exception handling
*Resolved xcode debugging issues
*Implemented process blacklist
*UI bug fixes
*Added ability to email maintainers of culprit packages

cr4shed ios 13 new version jailbreak tweak

You can get it for free from Packix repo. Let’s address the worst case scenario. In the event that the newest version isn’t working out, you can report the exact issue here. Moreover, the source code is also available on GitHub.
Cr4shed ios 13 v4

Given Apple has already released iOS 13, chances are you have it running on your iPhone. And, Cr4shed will function without giving you a headache. But, iOS 12 users will need the latest RocketBootstrap from

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