Several OnePlus phones reportedly affected with a serious compass issue

You don’t need to carry a compass around to find direction today. The magnetic sensor beneath your smartphone in collaboration with a Map application can accurately navigate you to the place you want to go.

You know, Google Maps is the most popular app people use for navigational purposes. In case you are not aware, the Mountain View company has rolled out incognito mode to the platform so that your searches leave no traces in the history.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What if compass on your handset starts acting weird? Of course, you will have a hard time dealing with Google Maps. Well, it seems like numerous OnePlus consumers are going through such a dilemma pertaining to the magnetic sensor.

We came to know about the issue through this Reddit post. However after further research, it became evident that the extend of the concern is so broad that it has affected even OnePlus 3 (released two years ago). Let me walk you through a user concern.

I have been using my OP7 PRO for less than a month and I have moticed something weird.
When navigating with google maps the GPS is able to locate my location extremely well (better than the Redmi devices I’ve had before)
but the direction of the blue dot on the maps is off a lot, I mean it sometimes points in the opposite direction.
I tried factory reseting my device and it didn’t affect it at all.
compass apps show direction the same way as every other phone I’ve had but not google.
Does anyone else experience this issue?
Thanks for everyone in advance.

So yeah, OnePlus 7 Pro is the culprit in the above post. But no, it’s not alone! We could find on the official forum, the bug submissions related to OnePlus 6T’s compass as well. And, even OnePlus 5 isn’t devoid of this compass calibration error.

OnePlus forum compass trouble

To put things into perspective, I have given an image below, for you to have a look at. Taken from the same Reddit post I was referring to in the beginning, it shows how the Google Map pointer looked like when the user had pointed the device towards the North (apparently 90-degree deviation)

OnePlus compass issue
Tap/click to zoom (Source)

As of now, the company hasn’t acknowledged the bug. Want to know when that happens? Don’t forget to stay tuned to this story. We will post an update at the bottom if/when a fix goes live too.

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